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Who is she? Where did she come from? Spider-Girl is here and her super hero star is just rising!

The story opens at Midtown High, May "Mayday" Parker (the daughter of Peter and Mary Jane Parker) is playing in the final minutes of the

girl's varsity basketball game. May grabs a rebound in the final seconds and as she races down the court she begins to feel some odd sensations, she weaves in and out of defenders guided by a sixth sense (her spider-sense) and makes an incredible leap and slam dunk to win the game as time expires. Peter and Mary Jane look on from the crowd, shocked, realizing May's spider powers may have just manifested. A shadowy figure watches through the gym window and both Peter and May's spider sense suddenly flare up.

Peter and Mary Jane walk home discussing whether or not it was right to have kept Peter's past as Spider-Man a secret from May. They recount how when she was two years old Peter had his final confrontation with the original Green Goblin. The Green Goblin was killed in the battle and Peter lost his leg and was forced to retire as a superhero.

May is walking home with her friends Courtney and Jimmy when they are attacked by a Green Goblin. He tells them he won't harm them as long as May delivers a message to her father. They have unfinished business and Peter is to meet him at 'the bridge,' midnight of the next day. May races home to tell her parents. Peter isn't sure who the Green Goblin could be but suspects it may be Normie Osborn, the grandson to Norman Osborn and son to Harry Osborn. While Mary Jane and Peter discuss what to do, May overhears the truth that her father was once Spider-Man.

The next day Peter seeks out help for dealing with the new Green Goblin. He goes to see the Fantastic Five but discovers they are on a classified deep space mission. He then seeks out the Avengers (A Next) but when he meets them and sees how young they all are he feels guilty and decides he can't ask them to put themselves at risk for his own responsibilities.

Meanwhile May confronts Mary Jane about overhearing the truth that she is the daughter of Spider-Man. Mary Jane reveals the full story to her about her father's life as Spider-Man, how he lost his leg and the full Parker/Osborn legacy. In the attic she shows Peter's old costume to May, which is stored in a trunk along with the costume of her uncle, Ben Reilly.

Peter Parker arrives at the George Washington Bridge to confront Normie on his own. Normie attacks but Peter tries to talk him out of continuing down the path of the Green Goblin, he maintains his

threats to kill Peter and his family. Mary Jane arrives on the scene to help but the Green Goblin grabs her as a hostage.

May swings in, now in Ben Reilly's Spider-Man costume, and knocks the Green Goblin away from her mother. A battle ensues as Peter and Mary Jane look on in horror. Eventually May is able to web a pumpkin bomb to Normie's hand and tricks him into blowing it up, he falls, barely conscious from the explosion, into the path of an oncoming truck. May instinctively grabs him with a web-line and pulls him to safety before knocking him out with a punch. The police arrive and take away Normie as he sings deliriously about a Spider-Girl.

The Parker family returns home and has a quiet ceremony in their backyard where they burn the spider-costumes and all that remains of the legacy, wishing to end it forever. And that is how the story ends...for now.


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Good book, not so good for spinoffs 0

Reprinted from What If issue 105, this was the start of something special, a new idea done in a classic design. With the What If series slowly circling the bowl, this was a welcome change. For once, instead of just changing one event and seeing the world right after, the story starts years in the future. Tom DeFalco gives a strong story, giving the story a very classy feel, and Ron Frenz's pencils really help the story by giving the characters that little extra umph. Sadly, the series would be c...

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