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When Project Cadmus attempted to create a clone of Super-Soldier that has the power to control gravity, they used the DNA from one of the researchers, Peter Parker. But when the project was sabotaged, the researcher was killed, but his clone

Spider-Boy to the rescue!
Spider-Boy to the rescue!

survived. Feeling responsible for the clone, General Ross adopted the clone and gave him the name Peter Ross. The foster father and son became a true family, but all of their happiness was cut short when General Ross was killed by a mugger. Inspired by his wall-crawling powers, Peter vowed to use his special abilities to gain the attention of the public as he thought that he was being dismissed as an ordinary boy. Peter dons a costume and takes the name Spider-Boy. He returned to the place where he was born, Project Cadmus, where he gained possession of a gun called the Web-Shooter that releases synthetic webbing. He later became a photographer for the Daily Bugle, where he sends pictures of himself as Spider-Boy flirting with other super-heroines. His last adventure got him into a blind date with the Insect Queen, and they soon became engaged. When Spider-Boy and Spider-Boy 2099 team-up to defeat a villain, Mig-El told Peter that his life wouldn't be the same after he got married to Mary Jane Watson.


Does whatever a Spider-Boy can.
Does whatever a Spider-Boy can.

Spider-Boy has the ability to control the focus of his personal gravity (affecting how gravity affects him). By pulling his gravity focus sideways he can walk up walls. He can lower his personal gravity to jump farther and higher, or lower the gravity of objects he touches, enabling him to lift things that are much to heavy to physically lift otherwise, which gives him a measure of super-strength .

Spider-Boy carries a futuristic pistol, called a Web-Shooter, that fires synthetic spider-webs which can be used to tangle enemies or create web-lines to swing from. Spider-Boy has said that the Web-Shooter has a mind of it's own sometimes, as it has occasionally aimed and fired webs without him (such as moving his arm and firing webs at a control panel to hit a button to contain a symbiote called Bizarnage)

At one point, he even had a ring that granted him flight.

Alternate Realities

Spider-Boy 2099

Mig-El Gand is a boy who was poisoned and put in suspended animation for 100 years where Spider-Boy then comes up with a serum to save him. This serum gives Mig-El superhuman strength, agility, speed, wall-crawling abilities and spider-like powers, including the ability to shoot webs from his fingertips. Mig-El Gand then becomes Spider-Boy 2099 and travels to the past to help Spider-Boy defeat a super-villian. He then returns to 2099 and joins the Legion of Galactic Guardians of 2099.

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