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Peter swings into action with the spider-armor!
Peter swings into action with the spider-armor!

Spider-Armor MK I

When the New Enforcers Attacked New York, Spider-Man needed to develop a costume to use against their high-caliber weapons. He developed the Spider-Armor at Empire State University. The Costume slowed him down but it allowed him to be bullet proof. During the battle it was destroyed by acid.

Spider-Armor MK II

Spider-Armor MK II
Spider-Armor MK II

Peter worked in the Horizon Labs creates version 2.0 of his Spider-Armor to compensate for the loss of his Spider-Sense, without this ability he can be easily wounded by bullets.


  • The suit is equipped with magnetic webbing which blocks out all radio frequencies, or at least severely interferes with them. The web also originates from the forearm instead of the wrist.
  • Appears to be able to withstand a direct impact from a grenade launcher without any obvious harm coming to the wearer. It is also fully capable of deflecting bullets, though Spider-Man expressed discomfort in being hit.

Appearances in Other Media


  • In the season finale of Spider-Man: The Animated Series in which Spider-Man meets Spider-Men from parallel universes, a billionaire Peter Parker wears the Spider-Armor.

Video Games

  • The armor appears in Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter but as a secret character which is basically a palette swap of regular Spider-Man. He jumps sightly lower than before due to the heaviness of his armor.
  • The Spider-armor also appeared in the Spider-man 2000 game, It gives the player an extra health bar.
  • It appears in the game Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro with the same ability as in the Spider-Man 2000 game.
  • The Armor is also an alternate costume in the wii version of Spider-Man: Web of Shadows
  • The spider-armor is alternate costume For Spider-Man 2099 in Spider-Man: Shattered dimensions. It's bio states that the pseudo-metallic material is cheaply available in 2099, Therefore it has become a popular Halloween costume.
  • It also appears again as an alternate outfit for Spider-man 2099 in the game Spider-man: Edge of Time.
  • The Spider-Armor mach II appears in edge of time as an alternate skin for 2099.

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