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    Chefren Ra was a fugitive from a facist dictatorship in an ancient Egyptian empire. He fights for justice as the techno user, Sphinx

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     Chefren Ra was a fugitive from a facist dictorship on an Earth where ancient Egyptian empire flourished. A member of his world's 'Military Science Corp', he used 'The Pharoah's Cross-Dimension Research' to escape to freedom, fleeing to the USA on a parallel Earth around the 1960's. He set up home in Jefferson City, adopting the identity of the city's resident super hero in the form of billionaire philanthopst Peter Chefren, also publicly known by the nickname 'The Sphinx' because of his costume and mysterious origin (he admitted to being 'of Egyptian descent' ). He didn't try to conceal that his name and nickname were one and the same, as his is '7 feet tall and weighes 30 pounds'.  Chefren was very popular with both the public and the police. He made his fortune quuickly by 'inventing remakrable technologies aimed at making the world a better place'. He used some of this technology in his costume (actually his MSC uniform), giving him aftificial superpowers beyond his considerable natural ablities. These included 'a compterized helmet and collar/backpack which amplifed his strength and generated a protective (bulletproof) force-field, capable of shaping itself into huge, translucent energy wings' (permitting him to fly). His helmet also had a 'a consussive ultra laser' built into the visor, as well as a 'helmet phone', which he could communicate with his only confidante, business partneer, Allison Kane, though not even she was told where he truly came from. Chefren eventually gave up the 'Sphinx' identity, and passed the torch onto Allison Kane, who (in a custome made uniform 'way too small for him') flies forth as the new Sphinx.


    Wears a computerized helmet and collar/backpack which amplifies his strength and generates a protective (bulletproof) force-field,m capable of shapshifting into huge translucent energy wings which allow his to fly. The helmet also has a concussive ultrasonic laser into the visor, as well as a helmet phone.

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