Sphere of the Gods

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    The Sphere of the Gods is a metaphysical reality that is the home to all the gods of the DC Universe and is the source of all magic in the Multiverse.

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    It contain eight planes of existence, many of which are connected to certain Earths in the Orrery, that include:

    • The Dreaming: is the domain of the dream-king Morpheus (and later Daniel Hall) of the Endless; it also hosts several realms including the Gemworld and Elfhame and it is the home of Oberon and Titania, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, as well as the Halls of the Endless.
    • Nightmare: Reverse side of Dream, home to the Corinthian, the magical dimension known as the Land of the Nightshades and the Boogeyman, amongst other haunts.
    • Heaven: otherwise known as the Silver City, it is the residence of The Presence and the Angels. It also home to the four Guardian Angel hosts of the Pax Dei (Bull, Eagle, Lion and Adam), as well as the Spectre. It is connected to Earths 30 and Earth 49.
    • Hell: the home dimension of Demons and Djinns, as well as the likes of Neron. It also hosts some magical dimensions including Azarath and, more recently, the displaced Rock of Eternity. It is connected to Earths 24 and Earth 43.
    • Skyland: The plane of existence of the Divine Pantheons, including the Olympian gods, as well as the Norse, Aztec-Mayan and Egyptian gods; each pantheon lives in his own dimension such as Mount Olympus or Asgard. It is connected to Earths 11 and Earth 25.
    • Underworld: Reverse side of Skyland, it is the plane of existence which hosts the different lands of dead of every culture, including Hades, Helheim and the Kryptonian Phantom Zone. It is connected to Earths 31 and Earth 46.
    • New Genesis: The shining home of the magnificent New Gods, such as Orion, Highfather and Lightray. It is connected to Earth 51.
    • Apokolips: Reverse side of New Genesis, a fiery globe enslaved by the tyrant deity Darkseid and his acolytes. It is connected to Earth 6.
    • Limbo: Home of heroes lost from the Multiverse, waiting to fade back into the immensity of the Overvoid. Limbo serves as the border between the Sphere of the Gods and the Monitor Sphere.

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