Speed Racer

    Movie » Speed Racer released on May 09, 2008.

    The live action Speed Racer movie.

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    Speed Racer... Live Action?!

    Speed Racer is back and now he's winning races just like he always is but this time it's way cooler.
    The movie starts out with him in class and being impatient which is a good start now that I think about it but at the time of watching the movie I didn't like the way they opened the first scene it have gone right to the racing so you could get pulled into the story right form the start. This was my only real complaint, I never wanted to watch this movie because I thought they were going to butcher the name so I put it off for a bit but to be honest after I saw it and I saw it on Blu-ray I thought it to be a vivid, colorful, fun, and somewhat exciting ride along. 
    The Good
    Colorful, fun, and loud for kids.
    The Bad
    It didn't feel like the original Speed Racer. The vibe that you get when you watch the original Speed and this one are two different thing and maybe that's what the director wanted but then again they should have just stuck with what they had and not tried to make something else.
    One point for the color, one for the car, and one for the fun.
    Took one for the story line and another for the casting....
     3       out      of       5

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