Speed of Light #2

    Speed of Light » Speed of Light #2 released by Evoluzione Publishing on September 2021.

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    Veiled by Matt Ringel and Luis Morocho

    A father must venture into a fog plagued land known as The Veil to save his children, but within it horrors lay resting and waiting.

    Hunters by Guido Martinez & Pablo Arias

    One soldier is being hunted by a group of armed aliens. Can he survive using the equipment on him and his wits?

    Blood Space by Nico Rodriguez and Damon Threet

    A renegade with a unique blood type makes a last ditch effort that plunges her into a brutal fight with not only an underwold space syndicate, but also, herself. Space Blood is a sci-fi crime story that's Tarantino meets Cowboy Bebop.

    Magical Mechinations by Shane Morrison and Emi Utrera

    In a deadly war between magic and science, a little girl manages to do the impossible and binds a demon to a powerful machine. But will her new friend be enough to protect her from this war?

    Ancient Aliens by Sebastian Suarez and Tadam Gyadu

    An expert in alternative history finds the missing link that confirms his theory... but is he chewing more than he can swallow?

    Argosy by Adam Lawson and Maan House

    a serialized deep-space horror tale about an outlaw band of space-prospectors who rip precious metals from corporate-controlled asteroids. On their latest scavage, they're overtaken by an ancient evil that once lived on Earth.

    Galaxy Heirs by Rubyn Warren II and Ronilson Freire

    A group of space rebels travel to earth to find the rightful heir of a galactic empire.

    72:00 by Corey Hardman and Jok

    He may not know who he is, where he is, or what the timer on his wrist is counting down to, but he did know the answers were somewhere within the dilapidated city. If he could just stay alive long enough to find them...



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