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    James Sanders was a member of the Squadron Sinister known as Whizzer until he pursued a solo life of crime as Speed Demon. He eventually found himself a member of the Thunderbolts despite being unsure if he even wanted to reform.

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    The Whizzer costume
    The Whizzer costume

    James Sanders, a disgruntled chemist tired of his job with the Hudson Pharmaceutical Company of West Caldwell, New Jersey, was contacted by the Grandmaster and offered superhuman powers in exchange for joining a team that would compete on his behalf. Saunders agreed, and he created a formula based on information given to him by the Grandmaster, that granted him superhuman speed. The Grandmaster then had him take the identity of the Whizzer, join the Squadron Sinister, and fight the Avengers, who themselves were pawns of the Grandmaster’s opponent, Kang The Conqueror.

    Although the Squadron was defeated, the Grandmaster kept his word and returned Saunders and the others to Earth with their powers. A few months later, Saunders and the other members of the Squadron Sinister were hired by the alien geographer, Nebulon. Nebulon and the Squadron Sinister tried to melt the polar ice caps, but they were stopped by the Defenders. In the end, Doctor Strange cast a spell of amnesia over the Squadron members, causing them to forget their powers.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Return to Crime

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    Saunders got his job back at Hudson Pharmaceuticals and worked there for some time until his memory was accidentally restored when the Avengers questioned him about one of the other Squadron members, Doctor Spectrum. Saunders experimented with the original formula that had given him his powers, creating a variant that increased his speed to even greater levels. He took a new name, Speed Demon, and began to use his powers in various thefts, most often clashing with Spider-Man.

    Later, Speed Demon joined the Sinister Syndicate, led by the Beetle (now the hero MACH-V). During this time, he developed a rivalry with various other members of the team. The team proved short-lived, and Speed Demon rejoined their later incarnation led by the wife of the villain Ringer, which was similarly disbanded shortly after, due as much to the petty in-fighting among its members as their defeat by Spider-Man.

    Deciding to branch out, Speed Demon would later participate in an event called the Bloodsport, an annual tournament held in Madripoor showcasing fighters from around the globe. During the first round, he was pitted against Wolverine (as Patch) in a Cylinder Match. Despite his best efforts and the addition to throwing knives into his arsenal, Speed Demon did not fair well. While trying to incapacitate Patch in a vortex of wind, Speed Demon was caught in the neck by one of his own throwing knives. Bleeding profusely, Saunders fell pray to Patch. While the crowd cheered for death, Patch ultimately choose not to kill his wounded opponent. Speed Demon, despite his injuries, survived.


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    Sometime later, he joined the villains-turned-heroes team Thunderbolts and, with them, fought Fathom's Five, Hydra, the Purple Man and the Avengers. Always contentious and prone to grandstanding, he seemed to serve faithfully with his teammates. But in fact, Sauders had been committing crimes in his old identity of the Whizzer, funneling it into an account to keep the Thunderbolts operational. He was originally discovered by his teammate, Blizzard, but Speed Demon bullied him into keeping it a secret. This came to a head when Saunders robbed division of Richmond Enterprises, which resulted in his former teammate Nighthawk seeking him out. Before the Thunderbolts could stop Nighthawk, a revived Squadron Sinister also arrived, and they took both Nighthawk and Speed Demon away with them. The Squadron hoped to take over the world in order to better solve the world’s problems, but they were again confronted by the Thunderbolts. Speed Demon hoped to trick the Squadron into thinking he would help them, but he turned on them, helping the Thunderbolts force them to escape. Nevertheless, Songbird ultimately kicked Speed Demon out of the Thunderbolts because of his previous robberies, claiming that what the Thunderbolts needed more were members whose hearts were behind their efforts to reform.

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    Speed Demon returned to the Squadron Sinister, who preferred to be called Supreme Power, who were again recruited by the Grandmaster. This time, the Grandmaster claimed that the stakes of the game would affect the entire universe, and he hoped to use the Squadron to find the Wellspring of Power, from which he drew upon to grant the Squadron their abilities. (Indeed, Speed Demon’s powers had been noticeably increasing during his time with the Thunderbolts, presumably having something to do with the Wellspring.) The Thunderbolts’ Joystick, investigating the Wellspring on behalf of Baron Zemo, intercepted Speed Demon’s attempts to track the Wellspring, and the two fought. Joystick surprised Speed Demon by suddenly exhibiting superhuman speeds even greater than his own, and she left him defeated, both his legs broken.

    Hood's Crime Syndicate

    Speed Demon later left the Thunderbolts after it went through a roster change; he then resumed a carrier of villainy. He did a fairly good job of staying away from super-powered foes for a while after that--he was only seen sporadically until joining the Hood's Crime Syndicate. He did so after the attacks on the New Avengers, but before a few of them (including him) battled Mister Negative. The fight ended before anyone died, and Speed Demon remains in the gang making more money then he probably ever did before. However he is no longer a hero.

    Superior Foes of Spider-Man

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    Sanders recently appeared as a member of the Sinister Six, alongside Overdrive, Shocker, Boomerang, the Living Brain, and Beetle. After landing "thousands of blows in a fraction of a second", he caused Spider-Man to run away.

    However, the new Spider-Man ultimately defeated them using a power dampening field. Shocker has remained a member of the team, participating in their plan to recover the head of former Maggia leader Silvermane from the Owl. After the team was confronted by Power Man and Iron Fist, Boomerang freed the team while they were in transit to jail.

    When the team finally got their hands on Silvermane's head, thanks to Shocker accidentally finding him in a junkyard, Speed Demon gave up the information to Madame Masque, as his teammates tried with other crime bosses, causing a gang war.

    Sinister War

    Sanders was one of three regulars of the Bar with No Name hired by Boomerang to pretend to attack him. They were part of Boomerang's plan to trick Spider-Man into getting the Lifeline Tablet so Boomerang could give it to Kingpin. Tricking Spider-Man turned Boomerang into a hotshot around the bar, and when Boomerang's old teammate, Overdrive, came calling with a proposition, Sanders would fall in with Boomerang's team again. They would be sent to a graveyard by Kindred, where Spider-Man was already battling a number of his villains. Kindred announces they were all hellbound villains who could earn a spot as Kindred's assistant, free from torture, if they killed Spider-Man.

    When a new team of six, including Morlun, joins the fight, Boomer sacrifices himself to Morlun to spare Spidey. Sanders is hit hard by his teammate's death and is inspired to turn on Kindred's plan. Eventually, Doc Ock uses a piece of Black Ant's helmet to knock everyone, including Sanders, out through the ear centipedes Kindred was using to control them.

    The United States of Captain America

    Speed Demon in His Cap Get-Up
    Speed Demon in His Cap Get-Up

    Sanders would be mind-controlled by Warrior Woman to work with Sin for their effort to ruin the Captain America brand. Sanders would wear a Captain America costume and use the stolen shield of the real Captain America to target members of the Network of Captain Americas, a collection of local vigilantes from across the country who all took inspiration from Captain America.

    While targeting a NORAD facility that housed the Hate-Monger spirit, Speed Demon was attacked by a team of proteges assembled by Captain America. US Agent was able to knock Speed Demon out of his mind-control stupor. Clear-headed, he agreed to share any information he had about Warrior Woman's whereabouts.

    Although, he was cooperating, he couldn't help but taunt Sin. That gave Sin the opportunity to knock him out and escape. With no further use for him, Cap and his allies continued on without him.

    The Red Fist Saga

    Sanders was doing a stretch in The Myrmidon when Daredevil led a field team from his Fist organization to recruit superhumans to bolster their ranks. Unfortunately, their island fortress was attacked by both NY crime family, The Stromwyns, and The Avengers. The Avengers showed up to arrest Elektra for the death of the president, but the Stromwyns dropped the re-cid drug on the island, causing members of The Fist to riot. Despite Speed Demon being successfully arrested by The Avengers, he was quickly released when Daredevil forced the Stromwyns to use their connections to do so.

    Character Profile

    • Height: 5'11"
    • Weight: 175 lbs
    • Eye Color: Brown
    • Hair Color: Blonde
    • Citizenship: American
    • Place of Birth: New York, New York
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Occupation: Criminal; formerly pharmaceutical chemist

    Alternate Universes


    Sanders is not a member of underground human resistance and works as a biochemist for Major Josten and General Dugan. He was given a Kree blood sample in hopes of creating a weapon to use aganst the Kree to stop their alliance with the mutants. He still retains his powers.

    In Other Media


    Speed Demon in the Avengers cartoon
    Speed Demon in the Avengers cartoon


    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • Speed Demon was featured in the HeroClix figure game.
    • Diamond Select's Superior Spider-Man figure featured a display base that showed Speed Demon and Beetle unconscious on the ground after having been defeated by the anti-hero.
    • Speed Demon was featured in Diamond Select Minimates line.
    • Speed Demon was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Legends line as part of the Absorbing Man Build-a-Figure wave. The figure also came packaged with the head of Silvio "Silvermane" Manfredi.

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