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Three short stories printed in colors, each written by one of the three Nathan Never creators Vigna, Medda and Serra, to celebrate 20th anniversary of the character.

1. Cyberspace

Nathan Never dives into cyberspace in search of three million credits disappeared during a survey conducted a few months before, with the support of the government agent Forbes and of Dieter Harper, a hacker who died just during the investigation. But who is the mysterious man who contacted Jenny, the widow of Harper, from the network?

2. War

Yet another war has just ended. In Adlan City remnants of war are scattered everywhere and causing deaths and injuries among children playing in the streets. Even the young Shady would be one of these victims, but when the boy is kidnapped from the hospital with a commando action, the the Federation commissions Alfa Agency to investigate. Legs and Nathan must find out who is responsible and what is behind the mysterious abduction.

3. Future

All the volcanoes on Earth are simultaneously erupting because of the new mad plan of Aristotle Skotos. All Alfa Agency forces struggle to stop the disaster and Nathan, Legs and other Alfa Agents get into action in Naples, Italy, trying to evacuate the city, while the Earth is likely to be covered with ash. But a shocking truth lies behind these events.


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