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Spearow Evolves into Fearow at level 20 , and it flaps it's wings to create sandstorms. On the TV show, Ash threw a Rock at a Spearow which caused it to  get angry. It called it's friends and chased Ash to Virdian City. However, Pikachu saved Ash using a Thunderbolt attack. Spearow is a Dual-Type Pokemon Normal/Flying. Ash meant to capture a Spearow in the manga but instead caught it's evolved form Fearow.


  • Ash was attacked by a Spearow.
  • Ash's Charmander was attacked by a Spearow, when he first found it.

Game Appearances

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Crystal
  • Fire Red
    Leaf Green
  • Diamond
  • Pearl


Hp: 40
Attack: 60
Defense: 30
Special attack: 31
Special defense 31
Speed: 70

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