Spear of Longinus

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    A spear that was used to pierce the side of Jesus Christ.

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    Initial Legend

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    The legend goes that a spear was used to make sure that Jesus Christ was dead by piercing his side, it of course got smeared with godly blood. Then the spear was named the Holy Lance (later: Spear of Destiny, Holy Spear, Spear of Longinus, Lance of Longinus, Spear of Christ) and whoever wielded it had great power. Legend even has that the one wielding it can rule the world. It is believed that the head of the Spear was at first separated into two pieces (Vienna lance and Etschmiadzin lance), later the pieces were put together again. Through time, many of the warlords have claimed that they possessed the Spear. Spear of Destiny is currently located in Royal House of Hapsburg.

    Those who have claimed possession of it:

    • Longinus - the one who pierced Christ's side with the spear
    • Herod the Great (73 BC - 4 BC)
    • Saint Maurice ( - 287)
    • Constantine the Great (272 - 337)
    • Theodosius I (347 - 395)
    • Alaric I (370 - 410)
    • Theodoric ( - 451)
    • Justinian I (483 - 565)
    • Charles Martel (688 - 741)
    • Charlemagne (742 - 814)
    • Heinrich I the Fowler (876 - 936)
    • Otto I (912 - 973)
    • Pope John XII (937 - 964)
    • Otto II (955 - 983)
    • Otto III (980 - 1002)
    • Henry II the Saint (973 - 1024)
    • Frederick Barbarossa (1122 - 1190)
    • Henry VI (1165 - 1197)
    • Otto IV (1175 - 1218)
    • Fredrick II (1194 - 1250)
    • Napoleon (1769 - 1821) - sought it, but never got his hands on it.
    • Kaiser Wilhelm - William II (1859 - 1941)
    • Hitler (1889 - 1945)
    • Walter William Horn (1908 - 1995) - took it in the name of US from Hitler.

    Top Cow


    In this universe, the Spear of Destiny is one of 13 artifacts. It has a power of foresight and with it, one can destroy demons and beings of magic.

    The Spear of Destiny is not the original form of the artifact, but it had remained in its current aspect for more than two millennia. Reshaped into the spear that pierced Christ's side as he hung upon the cross, it had been wielded by an incarnation of the Magdalena ever since. Descended from the bloodline of Christ, one daughter of each generation serves as the Church's warrior against supernatural foes.

    In legend, the Spear of Destiny had two names. Once called Spear of Longinus, it was used to pierce Christ's side on the cross, now covered with blood, making it a holy relic; it was used by maidens of special pedigree in battle. It could make the world into wasteland or heal it. Spear of Lugh has a different legend though; Lugh of the Long Hand was gifted with a powerful spear. It's head was tipped in blood, and blood sought blood, once thrown it never missed its mark. It blazed with golden light and when not in use it had to be cooled in cauldron of blood. When it's power would be used wisely, it is the light that drives away the darkness.

    The Spear of Destiny is a holy weapon of Magdalenas. It was in the hands of Benedetta Maria Ferro, who transported treasure for Vatican. Miguel Estacado sank her ship and stole the Spear of Destiny. Centuries later the Spear had resurfaced in Hitler's hands. One of the Magdalenas mission was to infiltrate Hitler's bunker. She got it from him and used her power to show him his sins, Hitler killed himself that day. After that she recovered the spear.

    Next we see Magdalena, named Mariella, who is sent after the Darkness, she is given the Spear as a weapon for his destruction. When battling Jackie, the spear was broken. A random bystander picked up the head of the spear and took it to hospital with him. He was a believer, and seeing it glow he left it at the hospital, hoping it will do some good there. The head then traveled to ward where Appolonia Franchetti was. The piece revived her from her coma like state. Appolonia took the piece along with her and her mother, who was a host to Angelus, to Amazon jungle. Mariella, who had recovered her encounter with Jackie, learned the location of the spear and went to recover it. Appolonia wielding it had chosen to use it in darkness; that took her into conflict with her own mother. Appolonia left the head of the spear when she escaped, Mariella having what she came for, returned to Vatican.

    When Mariella had died and the new Magdalena, named Patience, was chosen, she was given a task to repair the Spear of Destiny. She accidentally cut herself with a piece of the spear and then she realized that her blood was the key in repairing the Spear of Destiny. When asked to return the now repaired spear, Patience refused, saying that it is part of her now. When Patience met Lara Croft and defected from Vatican, she took the spear along with her. Patience used the Spear of Destiny to destroy the forces she was fighting, while chasing the artifact known as Rapture. It was also then, that the Spear of Destiny reacted to Rapture magic and unknown force was unleashed from the spear. Patience then used the spear to prevent a magician to get his hands on Rapture. Patience had turned her back upon the Church, but retains the spear in her crusade against evil.



    August 1941 in Germany, Nazis used the Spear of Destiny to hold a leash on Cyranus, archduke of 7th level of Hell. The plan did not go well however, Pagan revealed himself to be one of the German soldiers and in the chaos that follow it, sorcerer dropped the Spear and with it, the protection. Cyranus seized the opportunity to suck the compound and with it, the Spear of destiny a holy relic, to Hell. That day, a village of Moor disappeared in Hell and German village ruins appeared in its place. At first demons stayed away from it, but they confidence grew and tried to take the spear, none of them succeeded. One day Lady Demon happened on the Spear of Destiny, she wanted to pick it up, saying that it called to her, but she was stopped by Lucifer himself, saying that her immortal soul would be in peril if she had touched it.

    During the battle with Asteroth, Cremator happened on the Spear of Destiny. Cremator picked up the spear, he as a guardian of Hell, could wield it. Wielding the spear Cremator defeated his enemies with ease: Asteroth, Trinity of Evil and Apolyon all fell before his new weapon. Thus a piece of Heaven was a tool that ended civil war in Hell.


    Hitler at first tried to use the spear to kill three American super heroes, but that plan was inverted by Dr. Fate and Hourman. The Spear of Destiny is a magical item, and combined with the power of Holy Grail they were used by Hitler during WWII to erect a barrier around axis territory, to keep super powered heroes, namely the JSA, from becoming involved in the war. In his final attempt Hitler tried to cause Ragnarok. After the war the Spear of Destiny was in Russians hands where it was stolen by Kobra, he tried to use it to destroy the Spectre. Later it was retrieved by the US government, and when The Spectre was out of control, Superman was handed the spear to fight him. Hitler's black heart had corrupted the spear however, and Superman had even received a vision of taking over the world, and killing his friends. He was able to release himself from the spear's hold and with the Spectre's help they then bound the Spear of Destiny into a stone and cast it into orbit. It was brought back down briefly by National Interest to use it against the Spectre again. Spectre won the battle and threw the spear into space towards the sun. When Spectre was again out of control, Captain Marvel traveled to space and retrieved the spear yet again. After the battle the spear was entrusted to the Sentinels of Magic. Who cast a spell that they were the only ones able to retrieve the spear and placed it into a sun. Later the Spear of Destiny again emerged, now in the hands of Dragon King; Flash and Wildcat made the spear disappear.


    The spear again surfaced; it was brought up from the depths of sea by the Order of the Stone, as it was prophesied with the words of Lilith in the Black Book. Order took the spear to Vandal Savage and he was pierced by it. Cain "The First" was released and he wanted the Spectre dead. When Cain had finally located the Spectre he called him to battle. the Fighting was brief and the Spectre was pierced by the spear, Cain then separated the Spectre essence from the mortal body, and chained him as his slave with the Spear. Cain tried to kill Renee Montoya with the spear, but she was immune to its power, Renee is saved from Cain by Huntress. The Radiant tells Renee and Huntress about the spear; that it is just a tool, tainted by users will. The immunity is the result of Renee being the one in Lilith prophecy to deliver the spear, but Renee has deflected from the order of the Stone before the prophecy fulfilled itself. Cain then forced the Spectre to say the Anti-Life Equation, bending every human to Darkseid's will. Then the tip of the spear started to bleed, as again was foretold by the Black Book, it marked the end of times. Renee planed to take the spear from Cain, and by doing so releasing Spectre from Darkseid's hold. The plan however didn't seem to work, Renee herself was pierced by the spear. But appearance that was the plan; Renee pushed herself away from Cain, spear still inside her, thus getting a hold of it. Spectre was rejuvenated and he remakes everything that was unmade. The Spear shed tears and the host of Spectre, Crispus Allen is returned to life. The Spear is housed in the Black Room by A.R.G.U.S., a government agency.

    The Spear later surfaced in the possession of Terence Thirteen. Upon earning the trust of the Phantom Stranger, Thirteen was forced to stab him through the chest with the Spear of Destiny by The Question. The Spear is shown to be powerful enough to threaten the life of the apparently undying Stranger, with the entire Justice League Dark unable to heal him and leaving the Nightmare Nurse uncertain of how well she could counteract the unpredictable power of the Spear.



    After Hitler's death, the spear was passed over to Dr. Midwinter. He planned on using the Spear of Destiny to give Pantha's soul to death's avatar Lady Death. Vampirella intervened that plan and when she got pierced with the spear, it killed her body and took her soul back in time. In the past Vampirella used the Spear of Destiny along with the Power of the Scarab Amulet to revive herself. She then used the spear to free Pantha and fight Lady Death. As Lady Death wasn't able to get the soul promised to her, she aided in killing Dr. Midwinter. It's is unknown what happened with the Spear of Destiny after this incident.



    In Marvel comics Rick Jones of Earth-9309 (known as Thanatos) wields the Destiny Force and has the Spear of Destiny. He appeared in Earth-928 to use virtual unreality device to destroy the reality as we know it, he was stopped by Spider-Man 2099 and trapped in virtual unreality itself. He later somehow escaped that realm and struck Spear of Destiny through Starfox's throat, it technically killed Starfox, but it also released chrono-particles into the wound, these would keep him alive if did what was told. Starfox needed to lead Captain Marvel, who was currently sharing body with Rick Jones of Earth-616, to virtual unreality machine in Earth-928. When Starfox accomplished his task, they were sent into different worlds. Thanatos then instructed Starfox to gather some things, things that he needed to reshape the worlds, and he could be ultimate model in them. He almost succeeded in that, but his old self foiled his plans just in the end.

    The Spear of Destiny later reappears in the mainstream marvel universe (616) and is used by The Vision who is also wielding Captain America's shield to kill or at least Banish Shuma-Gorath as he has not been seen since.

    Other Media

    Constantine Movie (2005)

    Spear of Destiny is unearthed by a mortal man, he then looses control over his actions and moves toward Los Angeles. A wave of death is following him, The spear also makes him invulnerable and immortal. He delivered the Spear to Gabriel who wanted to unleash the son of Devil to Earth.

    Justice League Unlimited (Season 5, Episode 1)

    Lex Luthor
    Lex Luthor

    Gorilla Grodd sets a task for Lex Luthor to retrieve the Spear of Longinus from the Blackhawk's Island. Lex succeeded in his task, but Grodd does not want to use the Spear, it was merely a test to see Lex's skills.

    Hellboy (2004)

    When Trevor Bruttenholm gave tour to a new recruit in Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (B.P.R.D) he also showed the real Spear of Destiny. They had recovered it from the hands of Hitler who had used it to triple his power. Apparently the fake one was in Hapsburg exhibit.

    DC's Legends of Tomorrow (2016-?)

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    In season two of the show, the Spear of Destiny is an artifact with the ability to rewrite reality. Soon after World War II, it was broken into four pieces by Rip Hunter and given to the Justice Society of America, whose members were then scattered throughout time in hopes of the Spear never being restored.

    Eobard Thawne hears of it and gathers a group of like-minded individuals to help him retrieve the pieces, including Damien Darhk, Malcolm Merlyn, and eventually Leonard Snart. Eventually, through time travel, murder, and manipulation, all the pieces are reunited and the group, nicknamed the Legion of Doom by the Legends, manages to create their own reality. In this reality, the Spear is destroyed by Thawne in the hope of his reality never being overwritten.

    This version of the Spear is extremely difficult to destroy, with it having apparently given a team of superhumans great difficulty to break apart. If it is broken, it has the ability to detect it's other pieces and self-repair if all the pieces are close enough. It's only known weaknesses are Jesus' blood, which can take away the Spear's power, and extreme heat, which can disintegrate it.


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