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    Character » Spawn (Llanso) appears in 16 issues.

    A new Hellspawn who was created years after the Spawn named Al Simmons.

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    A New Hellspawn

    The story of this new Hellspawn begins In a distant future. Daniel Llanso was only 6 years old when he killed his abusive father in order to protect his family. However the crime resulted in his time in prison. He then spent the remainder of his life in juvenile detention centers and prisons in the Martian moons Phobos and Deimos. There he killed again. He also enjoyed a brief love affair with his public defender, named Noon who died sometime later.

    Daniel dies as a young man, traveling from Mars to Earth. His ship is destroyed during its entry into the Earth's atmosphere. it is after death thathe goes to The Eighth Sphere of Hell, where the current demon ruler, Phlegethonyarre, turns him into the newest Hellspawn. Daniel agrees to make a bargain to return to Earth for his sister Madrid. Phlegethonyarre has a lot of faith in this new Hellspawn, remarking that he is better than any of the previous ten Hellspawn. Phlegethonyarre wanted Llanso to command his army as General ,just like Malebolgia wanted to do with the other Spawn Al Simmons, since the Armageddon has just begun and Earth is now a demon-infested, post-apocalyptic nightmare, where what's left of humanity now fights to stay alive.

    Llanso awakens years after his death, and his first deed is saving his sister Madrid and her son Matthew from The Desiccator, a demon that sucks the liquid out of human corpses. Madrid doesn't recognize him and believes that he is just another demon sent to kill her. In an act of fear she shoots him. However, his nephew Matthew instinctively knows who the Hellspawn is. Confused about his existence and tormented by an inner voice that urges him to kill, Daniel at first joins Abaddon in the war against the remnants of humanity. Later, when faced with a young mother protecting her family, Daniel remembers his former humanity and slaughters the attacking demons.


    Meanwhile, the Anti-Pope, Hell's representative on Earth, disembowels a man named Abel and turns him into a soulless puppet. Abel is then instructed to kidnap Matthew, which he manages to accomplish by entering the human enclave that he originally led. When this happens, Navkies, demons created from the souls of murdered children, attack Madrid and her friends. Daniel arrives in the nick of time, destroying the Navkies and freeing the souls inside of them. He then leaves in order to rescue Matthew, followed closely by Madrid in a tank.

    Abel has taken Matthew to Abaddon, so he can coerce the Hellspawn to turn again to the dark side. When Daniel arrives, Abaddon presents him with a choice, either kill Matthew now and send his soul to heaven or await the time when he is "baptized" and therefore damned for all eternity. Daniel is now faced with a difficult choice; killing Matthew will send him to heaven, but by taking the life of his kin, Daniel will be cursed for all eternity. Daniel does neither, and instead teleports Matthew to the place where he most wants to be. A fight ensues, and Hellspawn releases a powerful blast of necroplasmic energy, creating an explosion that wipes out everything within a ten mile radius. At the edge of the explosion, Madrid watches in terror confused by the whole thing. Suddenly, Matthew appears out of thin air. They both stare into the battlefield, while somewhere else, Daniel raises his hand from underneath the rubble.

    Without a soul Abel has turned into a soulless entity, wandering without purpose or allegiance to any side of the war. Meanwhile Daniel hears a voice instruting him to find Abel and tells him his location. Abel is about to commit suicide when Daniel stops him. Then Daniel lifts Abel and lightning strikes his body, turning him into an angel. At first, Abel attacks him, believing he is still an agent of Hell. Another demon attacks and Daniel mercilessly slaughters it. He then accidentally hits Abel, knocking him out.

    The Final Moments

    Meanwhile, Madrid and Matthew are in another human enclave, waiting. The demon forces appear to have calmed down this period in time would later be named "The Calm". The leader proposes a frontal attack on The NuVatican so they may have the first strike. Madrid is among those chosen participate in the attack and is loaded into a projectile train , Matthew however is instructed to stay behind. Abel and Daniel now working together arrive at NuVatican before the attack. Once there Abel kills the Anti-Pope. Daniel remarks that it was too easy. At that moment Deurges appears to him and says to Daniel "I give you in his name, what you fear most! Salvation and forgiveness."

    Madrid is still on the train heading towards the city. Matthew Had stowed away on the train and emerges from hiding place on the train where he then tells Madrid that his uncle told him not to leave his mother alone. As the train nears the NuVatican, the two of them jump out. The leader is left alone on the train as he prepares to set of a bomb. Once the train hits the target, the bomb explodes. Madrid and Matthew survive and give thanks to God. In Hell however, The Dark Lord Phlegethonyarre questions his free will as he reflects on how the prophecy God had foretold was fulfilled.


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