Spartan Guards

    Team » Spartan Guards appears in 14 issues.

    Spartan Guards are a series of advanced mechanical war machines that contain the downloaded mind of a Kherubim warrior.

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    The prime military weapon of the kherubim aliens, the Spartans Guards are mechanized advanced warriors, capable of great destruction. Thanks to the advaced kherubim technology, the Spartans are capable of house the mind of a native kherubim and serve as body for the spirit of their greatest champions. This is the same technolgy than Majestros used to save his son Majestrate, temporally.

    On earth, the Spartan Guards are modeled after John Colt (the kherubim Ion Koll) and serve as host body for the mind of this alien leader. However, Koll spend years ignorant of his own nature, believing himself a mechanical construct.

    On Khera, Spartan Guards programed with a blind loyalty to their masters, serve mostly as the strong arm of the Pantheon but also as a punitive force over titanothropes rebelions. For this, native kherans dislike the presence of these machines.

    When the body of a Spartan Guard is severely damaged, the mind of that guard can be downloaded to a new body. The Spartan guard, in this way, add a growing experience to his already amazing abilities.


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