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    Sparrow was a member of the Air Force who had conflict with the New Warriors and The Soldiers of Misfortune.

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    Sparrow/Fast is a mercenary who has served as a member of Air Force and the Soldiers of Misfortune. She has demonstrated an ability to fly at extremely high speeds. Unknown if the power is innate or provided by her costume. She otherwise relies on highly advanced fire-arms to win her combats. An implanted neurochip in her body allowed her to be tracked and teleported by her ally Undertow.

    She first appeared in "New Warriors" vol. 1 #35 (May, 1995) as a member of Air Force, a team using operatives wearing battlesuits. All suits allowed their user to fly but otherwise had a different range of abilities. Her own included bladed wings. Fast was the only member to rely on close-range combat and proved more than a match for Nova, who resorted to hit-and-run tactics to evade her. Nova was only knocked out when her teammates Cardinal and Killer Shrike joined her efforts against her. However the Air Force members were defeated when the other warriors used water and a power cable to electrocute them. Their battlesuits provided no safety against electrical attacks apparently.

    In "Night Thrasher" vol. 2 #5 (December, 1993), Sparrow was defeated by Night Thrasher. He managed to lure her into a narrow hallway which provided no room for her wings. She was immobilized and easily knocked out. In "New Warriors" vol. 1 #54 (December, 1994), members of Air Force attempted to transport much needed resources to a refugee camp in Zaire. They where attacked by the Soldiers of Misfortune who managed to capture Sparrow. She was converted her into one of their own through mind control. Other Soldier members underwent genetic manipulation but whether Sparrow underwent the process or was simply given a different battlesuit was left unclear. Now much faster she changed her codename to Fast.

    As a member of the Soldiers, Sparrow served along another mind-controlled lady: Namorita. In "New Warriors" vol. 1 #74 (August, 1996), the New Warriors managed to rescue Namorita but opted to leave Sparrow behind. She presumably remains a mind-controlled member of the Soldiers.

    Sparrow was consistently portrayed with dark tan/olive skin as a member of Air Force but retconned into Caucasian as a member of the Soldiers. There was never an explanation provided for the color change.


    Sparrow was created by Fabian Nicieza and Craig Brasfield in 1993 and first appeared in The New Warriors # 35.


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