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    Sparkplug is a female character published by Heroic Publications, based in part on the character "Poinettia" originally created by Stacy Thain for the landmark superhero role-playing game Champions (now known as the Hero System RPG)

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    Sparkplug is the sister of Teresa Feran, a.k.a. Flare of the Champions. Like her sister she was brought up in South America by an enclave of die-hard Nazis, and like Flare, and her two brothers, she had been experimented on to grant her superhuman powers when she grew older. When Flare left the compound, Sparkplug initially stayed. Eventually she left the enclave and located her sister, who had become a superhero in the time they had been apart.

    Because of her upbringing, Sparkplug is a fervant believer in the supremacy of the Aryan race, and quite prepared to state this opinion openly if asked; normally she considers it self-evident and doesn't bother. However she is intelligent enough to have resisted some of the brainwashing of her upbringing, and while she is arrogant about her racial superiority, she does not hold with any policies of discrimination against those "unfortunate" enough not to have been born Aryans.

    Olga's sister Flare would later reunite with her and would introduce her to her teammates. After a time of adjustment she also joined the League of Champions.


    Sparkplug can generate, control, absorb electrical energy, and manipulate electricity. Exactly how much electrical energy she can generate is unknown, but she can easily stun and/or kill a man with his internal powers. She can discharge streams of electricity in the form of arc-strands, or single arcs that resemble lightning bolts, to attack his opponents.

    Lightning Brigade!
    Lightning Brigade!

    Her superhuman genes allow her body to heal faster than regular humans by quickly renewing damaged cells. Her physical prowess are also superhuman which allowed her after years of training at an early age to become a superior athlete and acrobat, at the peak of her super human capabilities. The electricity generated by her body also reduces fatigue, allowing her to exert herself for extended durations of time.

    Sparkplug is also able to generate flight by charging her body with electric energy. She's capable of flying at great speeds however the exact distance and speeds she can attend before fatigue sets in are not documented.


    Sparkplug has received rigorous training in gymnastics, general combat techniques, and survival training. her fields of expertise include military tactics, a broad background in the sciences and languages.


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