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Sparkler first appeared in Batman and the Outsiders Annual #1 - ...Land Where Our Fathers Died...!

Biography / Major Story Arcs

Sparkler is a young Hispanic-American child who idolized Major Victory. He joined the Force of July to work with his hero, and hoped to one day be just like him. Sparkler's first known mission with Force of July was an attempt to bring the terrorist group known as Masters of Disaster into custody. A confrontation that would bring Force of July into conflict with the original Outsiders as the USA-themed team had crossed over into Geo-Force's homeland of Markovia.

Later on, combined team of Infinity Inc. and Outsiders heroes breach the Force of July's compound, an estate owned by their leader Abraham Lincoln Carlyle. In battle, Sparkler defeats the young Windfall by burning up the air around her.


Sparkler dies in the Force of July's confrontation against the Suicide Squad during the "Janus Directive" storyline. This attack is brought on by Amanda Waller's need to prove that she has been replaced by a duplicate. While pursuing Dr. Light, Sparkler's young age and childish appearance triggers memories of Dr. Light's past traumatic experiences with the Teen Titans, causing him to unleash a devastating attack on Sparkler, killing him instantly with a beam of light through the young man's chest.

He is identified as one of the deceased entombed below the Hall of Justice.

Powers & Abilities

  • Energy Projection - Sparkler's powers seem to be light based as he can project high powered beams of light or as explosive 'fireworks'.
  • Flight - Sparkler can fly and leaves a trail of pyrotechnic light when he soars through the skys.


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