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Brief History

Most of the characters that appeared in comics from United Features were “funny paper” characters they owned. They, however, did get in on the superhero bandwagon during it’s first popularity with at least two costumed hero strips that appeared only in their comics.

One of these characters was introduced in Sparkler Comics # 1, a classical violinist named Omar Kavak, who, on finding that he sometimes built up a charge while using his bow, experimented to see just how far he might be able to push this phenomena.

In the end, Omar invented a pair of odd looking gloves that let him supercharge himself up with static electricity without harm.

Devising a costume and the secret identity of the Spark Man, he then went out to fight crime.

After a little over a year as the Spark Man, America entered into World War II and Omar took an unusual tack for a superhero; he left his costume behind and joined the army to fight as a common, if not ordinary solider. Regardless, they kept showing him in costume on the cover in a small box after they moved him from being the cover feature.

The series continued on with him as a solider until he was replaced by Nancy and Sluggo and other kid oriented features.

He made a brief return in 2008, as part of the Project Superpowers comic from Dynamite Entertainment.


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