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    Spalding is Lex Luthor's personal assistant at LexCorp.

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    Spalding at one point began to work for LexCorp and quickly rose through the ranks, becoming Lex Luthor's personal assistant.


    Spalding was created by Paul Cornell and Pete Woods for the Lex Luthor based series: The Black Ring.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Black Ring

    Spalding accompanied Lex Luthor on his journey around the globe to find the source of the Black Ring's powers and protested at taking the Lois Lane Robot with them, claiming they don't know what she's capable of. Spalding was almost killed by Ms. Jessop when the Black Ring's powers affected her, but he was ultimately saved by the Robot Lois Lane. Spalding then managed to completely analyse the first Black dome they encountered, just saving Lex Luthor's life from Deathstroke (Who had accompanied them and been affected by the dome's powers).

    Spalding once again accompanied Lex Luthor to a National Park in Uganda where the next Black Ring dome was. Along with Lex and the robot Lois, he infiltrated Gorilla Grodd's base where the Dome was located and analysed the dome by using an android version of himself as a decoy. When the mission was over, Spalding permanently deactivated his decoy, not being particularly fond of it.

    Spalding was later taken hostage by Vandal Savage, along with several other LexCorp employees. Spalding was eventually saved and then accompanied Lex to Arkham Asylum to interrogate Joker about the location of one of the Black Domes. When attempting to analyse the dome however, Spalding is pushed into the dome by the Lois Lane robot, killing him.


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