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One day Joan found a badly wounded Frank Castle and she asked Spacker Dave for assistance. Spacker Dave immediately recognized him to be the Punisher, Dave suggested that they don't call the police or bring Frank to any hospitals because of the high possibility that the mobsters that injured frank would still be looking for him and they would start at hospitals and most likely have police officers in their pockets. Soon after two mafia members with the task to find the Punisher showed up at Spacker Dave's apartment door. He opened the door and they barged in and tied him up. They asked him where the Punisher was, using brute force to try to extract the information. Dave refused to answer. The mobsters proceeded to rip all of his piercings from his face. Despite the excruciating pain Spacker Dave never caved in and was eventually saved from the criminals by the Punisher.

Spacker Dave later met up with the Punisher again when he was battling Daredevil, Wolverine and Spider-Man. Dave had gotten into the hobby of "Super-spotting" where enthusiasts checked off heroes they had spotted on cards. Dave was delighted to check all of them off of his card. When the Punisher unleashed the Hulk on the others, Dave also checked off the Hulk but was badly injured in the rampage. He was left permanently paralyzed, but continued enthusiastically with his hobby.

Talents Spacker Dave had the talent to hang magnets from his facial piercings, indicating that they were composed of ferrous metal and not the conventional stainless steel.

In Other Media

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Actor Ben Foster played Spacker Dave in the 2004 featured film titled The Punisher.


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