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    Metal-clad warriors from the golden galaxy of Galador, the Spaceknights traverse the cosmos hunting their eternal foes; the dreaded Dire Wraiths.

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    The Galadorians are a humanoid species from the planet Galador in the Golden Galaxy. Galadorian volunteers became Spaceknights to help stop the Dire Wraith threat to other worlds after Galador was attacked by them. Their humanity and internal organs would be tranplanted into the Spaceknight plandanium armor. The greatest of the Spaceknights was Rom.

    An alliance was being formed between the Spaceknights and the Kree during the Annilhation Conquest, but the Spaceknights were infected by the Phalanx virus. It remains to be seen if Galador itself was infected or just the Spaceknights themselves before visiting Hala.

    The many Spaceknights along with the entire planet of Galador have been wiped out by the Builders during the events of Infinity.


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