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Spaceboy was one of several 'special' children born randomly from mothers who had shown no signs of pregnancy. He (along with six others) was raised by Reginal Hargreeves to save the world.


Spaceboy was created by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá. Before publication and in the developmental process Spaceboy appeared dramatically different from his final pre development look and appearance. Gerard Way's focal point as far as the characters design revolved around Darwin and evolution. Potentiakl names for the character included Dr Darwin, Evolution Ear and Evolucius. His Gorilla body was also a lot more rugged and animalistic. Spaceboy's first appearance is in The Umbrella Academy / Pantheon City / Zero Killer #1.

Major Story Arcs

Apocalypse Suite

Luthor Hargreeves, 00.01, Spaceboy, is the leader of the Umbrella Academy. He was one of seven children adopted by Reginald Hargreeves, forming the Umbrella Academy. Spaceboy is also the twin brother of 00.05.

On the Umbrella Academy's first mission, Spaceboy prevents the rogue Eiffel Tower from killing the rest of the team. He also figures out that the mastermind behind its insanity was Robot Zombie Gustav Eiffel. Kraken accidentally destroys the control panel, and the Eiffel Tower launches into space. While the rest of the team enjoys ice cream, Spaceboy tells Reginald Hargreeves that some day he wants to go into space. Hargreeves confidently tells him that he will.

Spaceboy accomplishes his dream early. He travels into space with Pogo. He is in an accident, and Reginald Hargreeves saves him by attaching his head to a Martian gorilla body. Spaceboy returns to space, and sets up a moonbase with his trusty robot.

He is shocked when he hears the new of Reginal Hargreeves' death, and returns to Earth for the funeral. Not having kept up with the state of the rest of the Academy, he is surprised by the news that Rumor is divorced. After the funeral, things quickly turn nasty between Spaceboy and Kraken. Spaceboy is preparing to finish him off when his attention is diverted by the flames of the burning carnival in the distance. Spaceboy recalls Dr. Terminal's robots that were programmed to attack when the Umbrella Academy reformed. Spaceboy, Rumor, and Séance head to the carnival to stop the robots. Kraken goes as well, but away from the others.

Spaceboy quickly takes control, and destroys the robots. He watches as Kraken verbally abuses Vanya, sending her running to the Orchestra Verdammten.

Back at the base, Spaceboy kisses Rumor on the rooftop. They are interrupted when Vanya, now the White Violin, attacks the base and kills Pogo, before retreating to the Icarus Theater.

Spaceboy, Rumor, and 00.05 go to stop Vanya, while Séance readies himself for his part of the plan. White Violin slits Rumor's throat, and Spaceboy abandons the others to take Rumor to the hospital. The others stop the White Violin and save the world. Spaceboy and Kraken temporarily reconcile.


A few weeks later, Spaceboy only eats junk and watches television, occasionally arguing viciously with Kraken. He is only snapped out of his stupor by Séance's frantic plea over the television wavelengths. Spaceboy runs to where Séance has been captured by Hazel and Cha-Cha, but he is too late. They have already shot Séance in the head. They taze Spaceboy, shorting out his circuitry. Séance returns from beyond the grave, and possesses Hazel, shooting Cha-Cha and Hazel in the head. He then returns to his body and reboots Spaceboy.

While he was comatose, Spaceboy dreams about having a normal life. He is married to Rumor, and has two mutated chimpanzee children. Séance is dead, and being served for dinner. Then everything explodes, and Reginald Hargreeves tells Spaceboy nothing will ever be normal.

Spaceboy returns to consciousness, and goes with Séance and Kraken to stop 00.05 from murdering John F. Kennedy. Séance, not really knowing how to work the chronometer, sends them 3 years too early. Spaceboy, needing to do some soul-searching, retreats into the jungle. When the time is right, he meets up with the others, but is too late to stop Rumor from killing Kennedy. When Rumor tells him that she did it to prevent them from killing him before he was born, Spaceboy is furious. Once they are back in their time, he goes back to the jungle.

Powers and Abilities

Spaceboy has super-strength, heightened by his gorilla body. His life-support system is also a jet-pack, and he is good with a laser-pistol.

Other Media

Spaceboy appears in the Netflix live action adaptation of the Umbrella Academy. Rather than having his head transplanted onto the body of a gorilla, he is given a life saving serum that gives him a simian appearance as a side effect.


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