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Space Racer is an alien who possess a gun that can kill Viltrimutes.  It was Omni-Man's job for the Vilitrum empire to eliminate any threats.  He hunted down Space Racer and after a battle, trapped him in an Asteroid.  A hundred years later Omni-man and Allen were sent by Thaddeus to retrieve Space Racer's gun.  When the reach the Asteroid the gun flew back to it's owner Space Racer who had survived being stranded without any food.  Space Racer assuming that Omni-man was there to kill him shot at the duo, narrowly missing Allen.  The Stray blast, however, hit the Asteroid causing it to collapse  in on itself.  Omni-man was able to grab Space Racer and flee the asteroid's destruction.  Once clear of the explosion, Allen was able to convince Space Racer that Omni-man had reformed.  Space Racer called his space bike to him and they flew off to meet Thadeus.

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