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    An institute started in the 25th century that holds exhibits dealing with the history of space exploration.

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    The Space Museum is an institution that primarily holds exhibits dealing with the history of space exploration. An early version of the Museum debuted in Showcase #16, in an story of Space Ranger. Howeverthe Museum debuted properly in Strange Adventures 104, where it became the framing device to serve as anthology for differente science fiction stories, through the Parker family, Howard and Tommy, father and son, who visited the museum once a month. In these stories, Howard would told his son Tommy different fantastic adventuress related to the exhibitions and set mostly in the space. Eventually it would be revealed through other stories than Howard himself have had a part in the creation of the museum.

    The Space Museum also has been used in super-hero related stories, where exhibitons of 20th and 21st centuries superheroes have permanent exhibitions. It also has becoming a regular stop point for the ocasional time traveller and has been the place when at least one superhero found there his calling to adventure: Booster Gold.

    Booster Gold Origin

    After being kicked out of Gotham University, Michael Carter (Booster Gold) left for Metropolis and took a nighttime security job at the Space Museum. Michael Carter stole a power suit from an alien display, a pair of gloves, a pair of control bands, a Legion flight ring, force field belt, Skeets and Rip Hunter's Time Sphere to go back in time to the 20th century.


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