his palce in the new 52

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1 Could you see him in the new 52 ?

2 What book ?

3 And would you like to see the others from his universe ?

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  1. I'd like to see him. The Joe Kelly version though.
  2. Threshold is the most likely possibility as the moment.
  3. I'd like to see everything from Joe Kelly's miniseries return. It was the best version of the character.
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Sometimes I forget that Space Ghost was a legitimate character and not just this:

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If he were to return in the New52 he could be a combination of both, He could host a talk show as Thaddeus Bach as his regular day life job but could also be the serious superhero as portrayed in the original cartoons or like in Joe Kelly series. So both sides of fans win!

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@smashbrawler: Yeah, I wish there could have been a follow up ongoing series that explored his early years as Space Ghost and some origins of his villains.

*Oh and SGC2C doesn't count because it's a parody, it's super funny but it doesn't count.

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