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    Space Ghost is a character from the 1960s. He and his sidekicks (Jan, Jayce and Blip the monkey) fight super-villains in outer space.

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    During the original run of the Space Ghost animated TV series, no origin story was ever presented to explain how Jan and Jayce became Space Ghost's wards, how Space Ghost received his power bands and belt, or even what his civilian name might be. Fans of the character had to wait until the comic books for an origin to be provided.

    Space Ghost (2005 minisseries)

    Thaddeus Bach was a promising Peacekeeper. He soon moved up to the ranks of Eidolon Elite. He caught the attention of Quartermaster Temple and was recruited into the Wraith. The Wraith was the embodiment of the Eidolon. Only the best of the best were able to join the Wraith. They take on the most dangerous missions that no one else is capable of. This concerned Thaddeus' pregnant wife, Elua Bach.

    On a mission to meet a weapon dealer. Temple decided to kill him and take his weapons and money. Thaddeus had a severe problem with this. Even though the dealer was a bad alien, they had trials and procedure. Tower told him the Psi-judges aren't perfect and it's their jobs to punish those who are evil. He tells Thaddeus that all he needs from him is five cycles and then he could retire from the Wraith.

    That night, while Elua is sleeping, Thaddeus wakes her and says they need to leave, now. Unfortunately, there were a couple of Wraith members who were in his home cloaked with invisibility tech. He is knocked out from behind.

    Later, Thaddeus wakes with Temple telling him how disappointed he was. He also finds out that his wife and unborn son were brutally killed. Thaddeus snaps and attacks them all. Outmanned and outgunned, he is shot. He is beaten some more and then left on The Ghost Planet (a barren planet with no civilization). Later, Temple announces that Officer Bach was killed in the line of duty along with his wife and unborn child.

    Thaddeus is saved by an alien named Salomon. After over a month, Salomon revealed to Thaddeus a secret he'd been keeping from him. He said he was only going to share it with him because he knew he was a good man. He tells him how he was born into war and also created weapons. It was the creation of these weapons that killed everyone on his planet while he hid in shame and cowardice. When Thaddeus sees a ship, he asks if it works. Salomon can see the lust for revenge in his eyes and pleads for him to not follow that path. Donning the power bands Salomon created and wearing a hood and cape, Space Ghost is born.

    Space Ghost goes after the members of the Wraith, but is soon faced by an invasion of Zorathians led by the evil Zorak. While fighting Zorak, he rescues Jan and Jayce and adopts them. Things get out of hand when Quartermaster Temple makes an alliance with Zorak. Space Ghost also realizes that revenge will not bring his wife and unborn child back. He defeats Zorak. The surviving members of the Wraith are arrested along with Temple and Zorak. While Space Ghost's former superiors sort out the corruption scandal that results, Space Ghost goes off with his new sidekicks to fight evil. Meanwhile, Zorak swears revenge.

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    Future Quest

    In Future Quest, Space Ghost is the last survivor of the Space Force team.


    Space Ghost is a highly trained Peacekeeper. He has had extensive training in weapon use and hand-to-hand combat. He also has advanced alien technology, including his power bands that give him an edge over those that oppose him. The power bands each have three buttons. Using them in different combinations, Space Ghost is able to deploy different types of blast power. The bands are capable of emitting stun rays, heat rays, freeze rays, and can even produce a force field to protect him. Space Ghost also has an Inviso-Belt that members of the Wraith had used. When using the Inviso-Belt, he is able to become invisible as well as phase through walls and objects.

    Other Media

    Space Ghost (1966-1968)

    This is where Space Ghost started. The animated show starring Space Ghost ran for 42 episodes.

    Space Ghost (1981)

    Space Ghost was a segment of the animated program block Space Stars, the segment had 22 episodes of 6 minutes, Space Ghost even appeared in crossovers with other segments: Herculoids, Teen Force and Astro and the Space.

    Space Ghost Coast to Coast (1994-2008)

    This animated series featured real-life celebrities being interviewed by Space Ghost. It ran for 10 seasons, a total of 104 episodes.

    Batman: Brave and the Bold - Space Ghost appears in the episode "Bold Beginnings!" where he and Batman team up to battle the Creature King after he captures Jan, Jayce, and Blip.


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