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    Character » Space Cabbie appears in 83 issues.

    Space Cabbie is a driver of Space Cab #7433, hero in the 22nd century. His job always makes him encounter amazing adventures.

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    The Space Cabbie was born in the early 22nd Century, orphaned at a young age and then raised by the military rulers of the planet Ghengkis VII. As a young man he excelled in deep space navigation an demonstrated natural gifts as a pilot of his craft.

    His skills were further tested in the "Bore Wars" of 2146, when the young pilot shot down a record number of fighters single handedly over a period of 3 days. Like many others who were freed from military service after the "Bored War" Space Cabbie found himself restless.

    For the next few years, he went adventure seeking around the cosmos, becoming at first a mercenary space pilot, and then a menial laborer at one of the many spaceports he visited. In the year 2154, he suddenly showed up at an Earthside hackstand piloting the space taxi #7433.

    It soon seemed that Space Cabbie could not pick up a fare in #7433 without it leading to some kind of deadly adventure, with the good natured pilot relying on his skill and wits to get him safely back home.

    Abilities and Skills

    The Cabbie is an expert in flying any interstellar ship; developing skills in fighter piloting, aerial navigation and traveling.

    Character Profile

    • Real Name: Unknown
    • Occupation: Interstellar Multi-Species Transportation Expert, Driver of cab #7433
    • Height: 5ft. 10in.
    • Weight: 157 lbs
    • Hair: Brown
    • Eyes: Brown
    • Base: Corner of Earth and Lunar
    • Partnerships: Superman, Lobo
    • First Appearance: Mystery in Space #21 (September 1954)
    • Created by: Otto Binder and Howard Sherman

    Space Cabbie in Other Media

    Justice League Unlimited (July 2004-May 2006)

    Though he did not appear in any episodes he did appear in Justice League Unlimited #18 (April 2006) which takes place in the DCAU.

    Justice League Action (2016-?)

    Space Cabbie was one of the heroes Executively mandated to appear in the series. He appeared in the episode Follow that Space Cab, helping Superman and Hawkman deal with Lobo and Mister Mind.


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