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    A group of Russian teenagers who banded together, using their individual superpowers together to protect each other and their homeland. Their codenames are taken from various characters in Russian mythology. Associates of Firestorm during the late 80s.

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    The team of young Russian meta-humans which form the collective called Soyuz was created by John Ostranter and Joe Brozowski. They first appeared April 1988 in the DC Comics publication of Firestorm-The Nuclear Man, Firestorm, the Nuclear Man #70 - Time-Wrecked.

    The characters were given mythological names from various Russian stories.


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    The team who were to become known as Soyuz first operated together to rescue their future member IIya Trepilov, who would become Perun. They decided to take the team name of Soyuz to represent them which is the Russian for Alliance. Although working covertly at first they would soon develop their distinct uniforms as costumes and Serafina adopted code names specifically from Russian mythology for each of her teammates. Now united as a true force of power for the Russian people and not it's Government they went on to rescue the wife and children of Mikhail Arkadin. At the time Arkadin was part of the Firestorm persona.

    Soyuz had few recorded adventures as Russia set about re-establishing its national identity from the former U.S.S.R. The young members of Soyuz would later briefly seen assisting the American team of Young Justice during their assault on the nation of Zandia.


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