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    When the original Corinthian was still on the loose during Morpheus's absence, he went on a legendary killing spree. His calling card: Eating the eyes of young men before torturing them to death. One time, however, was running wild in a small town in Georgia, he left one of his victims alive after taking his eyes. Gabriel Ashe, the victim in question, spent the rest of his life obsessing over the incident. So much so that he partnered up with his boyfriend Echo, and began a string of copy-cat killings.

    This ritualistic obsession and recreation of the acts of the original Corinthian caused a breach to develop in the dreaming. An opening between the waking world and the world of dreams. Gabriel had become so close to the Corinthian, that he was drawing the essence of the Corinthian to him, somewhat merging with him in the process.

    In order to prevent the breach from growing any further, The Corinthian and Matthew go out into the waking world to track down the killers. Due to the connection between them, Gabriel is able to sense that he is being hunted. When he inserts the eyes of his victims into his empty sockets, he is able to see what The Corinthian can see. Interrupted in the middle of ritualistically killing a young woman, they are only able to take one eye before fleeing.

    Echo prepares a magic spell to use against their pursuers, but when they are cornered in a bar Gabriel has a different plan. Gabriel betrays Echo by stealing one of his eyes and fleeing, leaving Echo to bleed to death in a bathroom stall. Corinthian and Matthew find him, but ultimately he is spared due to Matthew's good nature.

    The Corinthian returns to the Dreaming and allows Gabriel to pull him into the breach. Its here that The Corinthian performs his actual function as mankind's dark mirror by psychologically torturing Gabriel into see how he really is. The story is vague as to what Gabriel's fate is, though future comments by Echo imply that he is still alive in a mental institution. In any case, The Corinthian's actions close the breach and he returns to his citadel where he thanks Matthew for his help.

    Though Echo was ultimately just an incidental character in this story (just a means to aid the blind Gabriel in committing his murders), he would go on to be a key figure in multiple stories and is the first new recurring character introduced since the launch of The Dreaming.


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