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The Squad consists of

  • Lt (Christene) Smith a brilliant tactician and expert marksman and  hand to hand combatant fromthe S.A.S
  • Nightfighter a soldier who was part of Australias "super soldier" program. Due to a virus introduced into his bloodsteam he gains super strength when adrenaline runs through his body
  • Southern Cross a telekinetic who's abilty has benn massively amplified by an implant that works in conjunction with his cane as a power supply
  • Dingo a serbian immigrant who's gypsy father was used for genetic experiments by the Nazis in WWII and has werewolf like abilities
  • They are occasionally joined by Flash Damingo an alien bi-pedal platapus with a cibernetic arm and a former member of the late Space rangers
  • Colonel Rivers (the golden age Crimson Comet a winged warrior ) acts as advisor and overseer of the unit

the adventure of the Southern Squadron can be read on line at 


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