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    Character » South Wind appears in 23 issues.

    The North Wind's sister/cousin.

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    The North Wind’s sister/cousin, and the cubs' great aunt. The South Wind takes the form of an African-looking woman. Even though all the Cardinal Winds have the ability to take the form of both genders, she is the only one of the group who's chosen to take a female form. She goes by the names of Yoruba (a reference to Yoruba religion), Notus (the south wind in Greek mythology) and Storm Mother. She could be considered the more compassionate and sensible one of the Winds, although she has been shown to have a more ruthless, cunning side as well.

    After hearing the West Wind’s ideas, the South Wind suggested that they should instead conduct themselves as proper guests until Bigby had another outburst. When that happened, they would be "fully justified" in stepping in with force. The other winds agreed to the plan, with a few modifications from the East Wind, who suggested that they not only killed the entire wolf clan, but the North Wind’s attendant winds as well. The West Wind and the South Wind both agreed. Later, it becomes clear to the winds that the testing might place the children in mortal danger, and the East Wind remarks that if the cubs are killing themselves in the process of testing, the fewer the winds will have to take out when they are compelled to step in. The South Wind reminds the others that their patience is paying off and that they were right to hold off taking a direct hand.

    One of the "cubs", Winter, is eventually chosen as the new North Wind. The South Wind watches in silence and appears to accept the new development. However, Winter becomes very afraid when she starts having premonitions of her older self as a cold and selfish North Wind that hurts people. The East Wind refers to the new development as "marvelous" because the new North Wind will be timid, and the South Wind appears to be very pleased and answers that "our day of ascendancy has come at long last".


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