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Lo Shang Cho, the Black Dragon who preceded Lin was his grandfather and thus the patriarch of his family. He was murdered 50 years ago by Wolverine. Soulstriker sought retribution on Wolverine as part of Lin's Black Dragon Death Squad.


Soulstriker is created by Jason Aaron and Stephen Segovia.

Major Story Arcs

Manifest Destiny

Wolverine knows Soulstriker's weak spot. By thinking about how he killed Soulstriker's grandfather, Wolverine goes to his happy place and effectively negated Soulstriker's powers, leaving him vulnerable. Wolverine then uses his adamantium claws to sever Soulstriker's right hand.

Goodbye, Chinatown

Soulstriker is seen alongside former teammate Rock of the Buddha, Darkstrider and Razorfist, guarding the dragons who were used for moving massive shipments of drugs. Led by the Jade Claw, the drugs is harvested from underground fields as big as Australia and transported to many places, among them San Francisco's Chinatown. Their operation is discovered by Wolverine and Gorilla-Man. With the help of Master Po and the Fat Cobra, Jade Claw's operation is destroyed. As punishment, Wolverine severs Soulstriker's left hand.

Sabretooth's party

After Sabretooth had become the assassin lord of the eastern hemisphere, he trows a party to reassure others of his role. Soulstriker is present at the party and unsuccesfully tries to hit on Lady Deathstrike.

Powers and Abilities

His name is indicative of his powers. He was able to strike someone's soul directly. In doing so he would channel his enemy's worst emotional pains to the fore of their soul. Unfortunately for him, his power can be negated if his opponent thinks of happy thoughts.


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