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Jason Maldonado was a young boy living in Brooklyn with his parents when he would become possessed by a number of demons that inhabited his body. A powerful priest named Gabriel Rosetti helped the family and performed an exorcism that drove the demons out and Maldonado regained control of his body and life. However one of the host demons remained hidden and dormant inside Maldonado's body for three years until it awakened. Maldonado's will was very strong and he was able to repress the demon inside. Maldonado contained it for four long years as the fiend inside was boiling with rage and frustration until certain mystical events took place that gave birth to Soulfire.
 A minor demon was wandering in hell when he stumbled upon an unattended magical chessboard with various human figurines as pawns and officials. The minor demon had moved some players on the board including one of Jason Maldonado, Daimon Hellstorm and Father Riley where they happen to appear at the Kennedy Airport. Father Riley was excommunicated from the Catholic church for practicing the black arts and would cast a protection spell in the lavatory when he saw Hellstorm in the airport. The minor demon in hell grabbed the Maldonado chess piece by the head and the young man started to experience unbearable pain outside the airport. A mother and daughter succumbed to the mystical forces in play and transformed into demons. The demons attacked Father Riley and Hellstorm when Maldonado drove his motorcycle inside the airport consumed in mystical fire. Maldonado was transformed into Soulfire and he attacked Hellstorm with his fearsome rage and enhanced strength. Hellstorm was able to use his trident to penetrate Soulfire's mind to get answers on his origin and the reason for the attack. Maldonado's mind started to reassert its dominance over the demon inside and helped Hellstorm against the Mariel Riley demon host. The Riley demon slashed Soulfire across the chest with her claws that breached his metaplasmic integument. Hellstorm was able to repair Soulfire and would not allow Maldonado to die because his bestial form contained the soul of an innocent. Hellstorm was able to use his trident to exorcise the demons inside the human hosts and the minor demon in hell was punished for his actions. Hellstorm mentioned to Soulfire that they were all pawns in a game and manipulated by devious beings. Soulfire told Hellstorm the only game he'd rather stick to is Nintendo and they both parted ways.  


Soulfire was created by Len Kaminski and Michael Bair in 1993 and first appeared in Hellstorm: Prince of Lies # 4. 

Story Arcs

Civil War

Soulfire was listed as a potential recruit for the Initiative program in the Civil War Battle Damage Report.  

Dark Reign

The mantle of the Sorcerer Supreme was going to be taken over by someone else and Doctor Strange knew this was going to happen very soon. During a flight to New Orleans with the New Avengers, the Eye of Agamotto opened up and revealed the possible candidates to become the next Sorcerer Supreme and Soulfire was one of them. However, Soulfire is not chosen and Brother Voodoo becomes the next Sorcerer Supreme. 

Powers & Abilities

Soulfire has superhuman strength, durability and resistance to injury. Soulfire is an imposing figure with a demonic presence inside but Maldonado is able to reassert his dominance over the demon and take control.

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