Sorcerer's World

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    Sorcerer's World, also known as Zerox, is the source of all Magic in the DC Universe. It is the home of Mirabai, and in the 31st Century it is ruled by the Black Witch.

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    21st Century

    Sorcerer's World is the locus of all magic in the DC Universe. It is the hub from which all magical dimensions can be reached. It is connected to such realms as Gemworld, Faerie, the 5th Dimension, Skartaris, Myrra, Hell, Land of the Nightshades, Azarath, The Dreaming, The Red, The Grey, The Green and Limbo.

    General Sam Lane has forged a pact with a powerful citizen of the Sorcerer's World by the name of Mirabai. Mirabai is asisting Lane with his goal of ridding the Earth of Kryptonians. Lane's military base seems to be headquartered on the Sorcerer's World at this time. Captain Atom was under Mirabai's control for a time, unknowingly aiding her in her conquest of the Sorcerer's World. After becoming free of her power, he is now working against her.

    30th and 31st Century

    At some point in time, the world becomes known as Zerox, the Sorcerer's World. A large number of arcane practitioners from other realms move to the Sorcerer's World before the start of the 30th Century. There, they practiced the magical arts, and become the most powerful users of the mystic arts in the known universe. Natives of the Sorcerer's have colonized other worlds in the universe as well, including Naltor and Orando.

    At some point, the evil Mordru, also settled on the Sorcerer's World and seized control of the world. Mordru led them into a series of world conquests until he was overthrown. The Sorcerer's World was then ruled by a benign council of teachers.

    Mysa Nal of Naltor journeyed to the Sorcerer's World as a young child to study with the great teachers. After her training, she had once been cursed by Mordru to become known as the evil Hag. She was later freed from this curse with the help of her sister Dream Girl, and the Legion of Super-Heroes. Mysa became known as the White Witch and continued her studies.

    The Servants of Darkness once attacked the Sorcerer's World, to gain power for their master, Darkseid. The Legion of Super-Heroes was defeated by the Servants, but held them off long enough for the Council of Teachers to use a ritual that would aid in Darkseid's ultimate defeat.

    At some point, Mordru once more takes control of the Sorcerer's World, and makes the White Witch his prisoner. White Witch was horribly abused by him during this time, until the Legion was able to arrive. Green Lantern

    Rond Vidar sacrificed his life to protect his Legion friends from Mordru and the Legion of Super-Villains.

    Mordru's essence was later absorbed by the White Witch, and she renamed herself the Black Witch due to the darkness that was now inside her. She now rules the Sorcerer's World with Blok by her side.


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