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    A Weequay Jedi Knight skilled in lightsaber combat who fought in the battle of Geonosis. He later fell to the Dark Side and killed Oppo Rancisis.

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    Sora Bulq was born into the Bulq family, a wealthy merchant clan which owned most of Ruul, Weequay’s moon homeworld. Before being taken in by the Jedi Order as an infant Bulq spent time on Sriluur and Ruul. Bulq was contemplative and philosophical. Master Yoda recalled Bulq as emotionally balanced and strong in the Force. Bulq lacked a great connection to his Weequay heritage, he rejected the use of Quay totems to interpret the will of the god Quay. He believed his species held Jedi potential but they were limited by the cultural dependencies. Bulq wasn’t well-loved on Sriluur due to his rejection of the Quay religion.

    Bulq became a Jedi Master and recorded some of his thoughts in the holocrons to preserve them. He was skilled with a lightsaber talent that put him among the most skilled in Jedi history, causing him to be among the very few on the level of Mace Windu. Bulq developed total mastery over all lightsaber forms. His preferred style was the use of a lightsaber and shoto, in the utilization of the Jar’Kai dual-saber style. Bulq became an instructor in lightsaber combat and trained great many students over the years. Mira was one of his Padawans, however, he wasn’t a lightsaber virtuoso.

    Windu choose him as his partner in developing and refining Vaapad, a dangerous and deadly perfection of the unfinished Juyo form. Bulq frequently sparred with Windu, but what Windu didn’t realize was that Vaapad had a profound effect on Bulq, who harbored a secret fascination with the dark side of the Force. Bulq began his private exploration of Vaapad growing more attracted to the darkness.

    This affected Bulq's teaching methods. After Quinlan Vos lost his memory Bulq was entrusted with his retraining.

    Despite Vos's own struggle with the dark side Bulq introduced him to some elements of Vaapad. It was unclear if Bulq was telling the truth, or if it had been a deliberate ploy by to lead Vos down the dark path.

    Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi was captured by Separatist leader Count Dooku on planet Geonosis 22 BBY. Before being captured Kenobi transmitted this information to the Jedi Council. In Windu's team dispatched to rescue Kenobi, Bulq was tapped to serve. Bulq and his Padawan Galdos Stouff were among those who infiltrated the execution arena.

    Dooku deployed a battle droid ambush and Bulq fought to be one of the survivors, though Stouff perished. The new clone army swept into the arena aboard LAAT transports and the Jedi were evacuated. The Jedi turned to engage the Separatist armies outside the arena, but Bulq never joined the battle, his evacuation gunship was shot down nearly killing him.

    Jedi Master Tholme recruited his friend Bulq, into a pursuit of Dooku to Bakura, where he had a base. Bulq didn’t prove to be match for Dooku that Tholme had hoped for. After the Count of Serenno defeated Tholme, Dooku levitated Bulq away.

    Bulq lost faith in the Republic over years of watching it fall into corruption and self-interest, Dooku convinced him that the galaxy could only be ruled properly by the Jedi. He also taught Bulq that his anger was a fundamental part of him, turning him fully to the dark side. Dooku allowed Bulq to rescue Tholme bringing him back to Coruscant. The rescue built Bulq's credibility which would be useful in his new assignment.

    Three months after the Battle of Geonosis, Bulq resurfaced calling several dissident Jedi to his old family estate on Ruul. Sian Jeisel, K’Kruhk, Rhad Tarn, and Bulq's own former Padawan Mira, were among the dissidents. These four were leaders of different antiwar schools of thought claiming to speak for all dissident Jedi. Bulq's sudden reappearance as a dissident leader was unsettling to the Council, whose prestige and influence could sway even more away from the war effort.

    Windu was sent to Ruul unaware that the entire series of developments was a plot by Dooku. Asajj Ventress, Dooku's Dark Jedi assassin, was waiting for the summit's dissident Jedi; Dooku and Bulq's intention for Ventress was to assassinate one or more of the dissident Jedi to lay the blame on Windu. With that accomplished, the Jedi's credibility would plummet.

    Bulq spoke told Windu that he had disappeared after Geonosis because of his grief at that battle's slaughter and the corrupt Republic was worthy of that sacrifice.

    Bulq was victim to a staged ambush by Ventress on a supposed meditative walk around the estate, for the purposes of authenticity. Mira was the only one to sense something wrong and set out to investigate. She entered the fray to aid her Master but she was no match for Ventress. When Windu arrived Ventress acted as if she were his subordinate and disappeared. Bulq ordered the three remaining dissidents to support Windu in combat.

    Bulq expressed his remorse at her death suggesting that it had not been in his plans. Windu interrupted him after he found Ventress's ship on the grounds. Windu deduced that Bulq must have been working with the assassin and confronted Bulq, who admitted his fall to the dark side. Bulq intended to kill Windu, the pair dueled, with Bulq confident he could defeat Windu. Ventress attacked the other three Jedi, goading the Tarn to the dark side and causing him to attack Jeisel. Bulq and Windu sensed this, Bulq taunted Windu that, with their deaths, he could not possibly win. Windu blasted Bulq into a pile of rubble and rendering him unconscious, then rushed to the other Jedi, where he forced Ventress to flee.

    Bulq's plan foiled and Jeisel and K'Kruhk returned to the Jedi fold, nullifying any chance of schism.

    When Bulq returned to Dooku's side he became one of Dooku's most trusted subordinates, and swapped the blue crystals out of his lightsaber and shoto in favor of red ones to signal his dark side affiliation. Bulq commanded Dooku's personal Dark Jedi followers, the Dark Acolytes, among them there was Tol Skorr and Kadrian Sey. Bulq gained Dooku's complete confidence and even as a darksider he continued wearing Jedi-style robes.

    Bulq's name was among those Dark Jedi most frequently cited as examples of corruption striking the Jedi. Windu felt guilt for exposing Bulq to Vaapad but blame for his fall firmly on Bulq himself.

    Bulq participated in the boarding of the Acclamator -class assault ship, he and Dooku took captive several Jedi, including Jeisel. Tsui Choi and Kai Justiss were present too but Dooku spared their lives. Bulq questioned why Dooku let an enemy go free. Bulq learned with Dooku's answer that even mercy could be a weapon.

    Around the Acclamator -class assault ship time Quinlan Vos joined the ranks of the Dark Acolytes, Bulq attested that Vos had a significant darkness within him, as he had discovered in his Vaapad test. In fact Vos was spying for the Order but Dooku was aware of this. Vos was accepted and trained with Bulq and Dooku. When it came time, Dooku took possession of Tibrin along with Vos, Bulq, Skorr, and Sey executing its former strongman leader, Suribran Tu. Bulq was placed in command of the interim government, systematically exterminating all Tu's associates.

    One year and four months into the war, former Suprme Chancellor Finis Valorum, was fomenting dissent against Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Through the Separatist agent Senator Viento, Bulq contracted Sajé Tasha to carry out the assassination of Valorum.

    Bulq was placed in command to raise and train a clone army of Morgukai warriors. An elite Nikto warrior cult whom the Jedi thought was slain years ago by Asyla Secura. Bulq and Dooku guaranteed the return and the command of the Morgukai to Bok, if he could provide the genetic material. Bulq recruited almost all of the Anzati master assassins to train the clones. Vos only knew that something big was in the works.

    Vos returned to the Republic and revealed to the Jedi Council that Bulq had a mysterious project under his command which involved frequent visits to Anzat.

    Tholme and Secura track Bulq to Saleucami where he was preparing to move the army offworld. Tholme transmitted the information about the facility to Secura before Bulq attacked him. The Jedi Master attempted to talk Bulq, instead, he revealed his corruption and deception on Bakura. Bulq attacked furiously and Tholme surprised him with an assault of glass shards to disappear. Tholme was a master of stealth and vanished into the vast cave system, where he began sabotaging the facilities. Bulq accepted that the sabotage would keep the army from being deployed and ordered that the equipment be moved deeper into the caverns, to be shielded from orbital bombardment and prepared for a Republic ground assault.

    The Republic's strike force arrived under the orders of Jedi Master Oppo Rancisis and found Bulq entrenched in the caldera city, protected by a geothermal-powered theater shield and planetary ion cannon. The ion cannon held the small fleet commanded by Captain Sagoro Autem. After five months of siege a chance explosion in battle revealed an underground tunnel, which Vos used to destroy one of the perimeter shield generators and gain the Republic access into the caldera city. Tholme continued sabotaging Bulq's operations and escaping every attempt to capture or kill him.

    Bulq maintained Vos as a double agent hoping to find Rancisis's battle plans but the Jedi Master was dependent upon his battle meditation sharing his plans with no one.

    Bulq summoned Vos, who was a triple agent, hid his spying for the Confederacy from the Jedi but still intended to find and slay the second Sith Lord, whom he had become convinced was Bulq. Dooku and Bulq were aware of this and still felt that they could manipulate Vos to their advantage. During the meeting Vos was charged with hunting down and eliminating Tholme.

    Bulq’s troops initiated a diversionary attack causing Rancisis to go into battle meditation keeping him occupied. The Anzati assassins sneaked into the Jedi member's chambers and attempt to assassinate him. Rancisis vanquished the Anzati but Bulq was able to move behind and and plunged his lightsaber into the Jedi Master.

    Vos athought he succeeded in his mission and returned to the Republic's camp. Vos and Secura as slipped inside the tunnel network to plant charges on the main shield generator, while a diversionary battle covered them. Vos abandoned Secura selling her out to Bulq, however, Bok was sent to investigate Vos's report of her position. Vos felt he had handed victory to Bulq. By hologram, Bulq and Dooku arranged a final test: Vos must kill Khalen Hentz, his lover. Vos refused claiming himself as a Jedi and Bok revealing that the position of Secura was false.

    Bulq prepared for a showdown to drive Vos to the dark side for good. Tholme revealed himself once more and intervened on Vos's side, Bulq lost his shoto and furiously battled Tholme, whose continued sabotage had become a powerful irritant. Vos killed his opponent, Skorr, in time to block Bulq's killing strike over Tholme, who was vulnerable on the floor by a wounded in the leg. With Dooku's aid Bulq turned to dueling Vos attempting to drive him to the dark side and against Tholme.

    With Secura and Tholme's mental support Vos confronted his own darkness, as Vos knelt, Bulq rushed in behind him for the killing strike. Vos conquered his inner darkness striking Bulq across the chest. Bulq collapsed as Dooku watched his lieutenant die.

    Secura successfully sabotaged the main shield before attacking and slaying Bok. The orbital bombardment began and Bulq's enterprise fell in ruins.

    Bulq's memory was not preserved among his people, either, as they rejected him for his own dismissal of the Quay religion. Many years after the holocrons with his personal notes came into the possession of Luke Skywalker's New Jedi Order.


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