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    Greek warrior who fights with a sword and shield.

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    Daughter of an Athenian Baker, Sophitia Alexandra lived a simple and humble life, until called upon by the god Hephaestus to go on a journey to destroy the evil weapon known as the Soul Edge. Hephaestus would confess that such a powerful weapons existence not crafted by him would bring shame, as well as the weapons own destructive ability, would also bring much pain to the world. Hephaestus would gift Sophitia the Omega Sword at Eurydice Shrine, before she would depart on her journey to destroy Soul Blade. Sophitia would encounter Soul Blade and its then possessor the dread pirate Cervantes de Leon, the two fighting almost evenly, until Cervantes would gain the upper hand and almost kill the Greek warrior.

    Taki a demon hunting ninja, also on a quest to rid the world of the evil of Soul Blade, would interfere in the dual, saving Sophitia, before defeating Cervantes. Taki helped tend to Sophitia's sustained injuries gained during her encounter with Cervantes, able to remove many shards that had embedded themselves into her body, save for one fragment too close to heart. Taki would then carry the wounded Greek warrior back o her village, where Cassandra Alexander would receive her sister and return her to home.


    Sophitia Alexandra first appeared in the video game series Soul Blade produced by Namco. She makes her first book appearance in Soul Calibur series.

    Powers and Abilities

    Sophitia is a skilled and experienced weapons fighter, who utilizes Athenian sword-and-shield style skills. Her fighting style revolves around her sword and shield. The name of her sword and shield being Omega and Elk respectively.


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