Sophie Moore

    Character » Sophie Moore appears in 10 issues.

    Kate Kane's former lover and fellow cadet from her time at West Point.

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    Sophie Moore was Kate Kane's roommate and girlfriend at the United States Military Academy. From their junior year onward, she and Kate competed on the West Point women's boxing team, and fought each other in the annual Brigade Boxing Open for an academy championship that same academic year. Kate beat Sophie for the Brigade title, but early into their senior year, Sophie unofficially avenged herself by defeating Kate in a private and illegal bare-knuckle sparring bout; Kate took this loss in stride, with no hard feelings.

    Like Kate, by her senior year Sophie held a position on the Brigade Staff: that of S-3, or Operations Officer. She had also completed the U.S. Army Airborne School and Air Assault School by this time. Sophie, however, was not as academically successful as Kate, having a lower-than-average Cadet Performance Score and ranking lower than the 85th percentile of her class.

    Shortly after Ring Weekend of their senior year, Kate was anonymously accused of violating "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and resigned from the school. This resignation prevented a further investigation that would likely have outed Sophie and other cadets. It also meant that Kate and Sophie were over as a couple.

    Years later, Sophie had achieved the rank of colonel and accepted a teaching position at Gotham Military Academy. Shortly before her first day, she happened to bump into Kate at a charity carnival. Kate was engaged to Maggie Sawyer at the time, so the meeting was additionally awkward. Sophie attempted to schedule a friendly lunch with Kate, to no avail.


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