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    Sophia is the young daughter of Carol, adopted daughter of Glenn and Maggie, and survivor of the apocalypse.

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    Her abusive father died during the outbreak and expected him to come back when Carl's father came back too (from a coma). She likes Carl and the two are a sort of couple since Sophia considers him her boyfriend. After her mother Carol attempted suicide she was shaken but the trauma severely increased when Carol gave herself up to a zombie. After being her silent for weeks and was eventually adopted by Glenn and Maggie. Sophia is living at The Hilltop with Maggie Greene and are recovering after the saddening event. Sophia expresses little towards the group and is mostly reserved to everyone but her adopted mother and father.


    Sophia was created by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore, her first appearance was in Image's The Walking Dead #2 - Days Gone Bye 2.

    Other Media


    The Walking Dead

    Madison Lintz as Sophia
    Madison Lintz as Sophia

    In the 'The Walking Dead' TV show Sophia is played by Madison Lintz. She was a prominent character in season 1 and 2. She went missing during season two after the group was caught in a herd of passing zombies and it is later reveled that she was attacked and turned into a zombie when she comes out of Hershel's barn with the rest of the zombies.


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