Sons of Trigon

    Team » Sons of Trigon appears in 26 issues.

    The Sons of Trigon and Raven's younger brothers are six of the hundreds of children of the demon Trigon

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    Character History


    After reclaiming Titans Island on the East River, Cyborg set out to create an East Coast Titans team. But the team was brutally massacred by an unseen evil force. Soon, Titans members past and present were being attacked by demonic entities across the globe. Raven, sensing Trigon's presence once again, called upon her former Titans allies to defeat her fiendish father.

    But after investigating, the Titans learned that Trigon himself was not behind the attacks. The bestial assaults were actually orchestrated by Raven's three half brothers Jacob, Jared and Jesse. Unknown to Raven, Trigon had sired six additional male offspring on Earth years ago around the same time she was born. After their mothers all died under mysterious circumstances, these Sons of Trigon manifested emotion warping powers and gathered together in a plan to claim their demonic inheritance.

    Using Raven as a doorway, the Sons of Trigon opened a portal to the desolate realm where a weakened Trigon awaited. The Titans rallied to Raven's aid, and feared Trigon would be unleashed on Earth once again. But the brothers betrayed their father by siphoning whatever small power was left within him. Due to Raven filling them with greed. Instead of being angered by their duplicity, Trigon was actually proud of his devious progeny.

    Family Reunion

    Now, having claimed their demonic birthright but realizing they got almost nothing from Trigon, the Sons of Trigon joined with their other three siblings. Recognizing their power as a unit, the Sons of Trigon ignited Raven's demonic side and had her join them, forming the Seven Deadly Sins.

    The Titans were able to locate Raven and her brothers using the Ramat Stone, a mystical gem Raven had entrusted to Donna Troy. Although Raven proved more powerful than her sinister siblings, judging them to be unfit to carry the powers of Sin with her, her evil nature threatened to overtake the Titans as well. But the Ramat Stone unleashed a mystical fail safe, a sliver of Raven's pure essence which was imbued into the stone by Raven herself in case she was ever overtaken by evil. This pure essence restored Raven to normal.

    Since then, the six brothers have remained in hiding, save for Envy who would try to turn Raven once again, failing in the attempt, but promising her that they would be waiting for the day she realized where she belonged.

    New 52

    The Sons of Trigon are a group of three. The group is introduced by Belial, who is the eldest and most powerful, and the younger Suge and Ruskoff. Belial considers himself the most even tempered, well mannered and articulate of the three, but that all three of them are ready and powerful enough to retaliate if the Phantom Stranger should attempt to betray or manipulate another child of Trigon, as he did Raven.

    The brothers later come under suspicion of having kidnapped the Stranger's family, weary of deception, the Phantom Stranger visited the brother's Lucky Devil casino with Deadman in tow. While playing a game of high risk poker with the brothers, Deadman learned that the aggressive Suge was "Exactly what everyone thinks." while the seemingly timid and slightly dim Ruskoff was "Not at all what he seemed." and the older Belial was "The last person you'd want as an enemy." While the brothers were cleared of suspicion, they were angered by what they believed to be a trick of the Stranger that made them act out and ultimately loose the game.

    During Forever Evil, the Stranger is once again forced to meet with the brothers, barganing for their aid against the Crime Syndicate's magical allies by wagering that Belial could not bear the Stranger's necklace of silver. Though reluctantly, the brothers upheld their end of the bargain untill the moment Felix Faust and Nick Necro were mostly defeated before they turned on their allies.


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