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Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

Members of the Mutant gang who now saw Batman as their true leader. Honed into skilled fighters by Batman, they now keep the streets of Gotham safe.

After faking his death, Batman reunited the members of the gang and started to trained them.

Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Back


In the sequel to Dark Knight Returns, the Dark Knight Strikes again, the Sons of the Batman, under the command of Carrie Kelley has been rebranded as the Batboys, becoming an effective attack force for the crippled Bruce Wayne.

Other Versions

Young Justice

The Sons and Daughters of the Bat of Earth-22
The Sons and Daughters of the Bat of Earth-22

On Earth-22 (the Kingdom Come Universe), there is a new group called the Sons and Daughters of the Bat.

In Other Media


The Dark Knight Returns
The Dark Knight Returns

The Son of the Batman appeared in the two-part animated adaption of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.


A possible homage to the Sons of the Batman appeared 2008's The Dark Knight.


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