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When first seen in the TMNT Adventures series, The Sons of Silence were apparently working with the Foot Clan for unknown reasons (even to the Foot Clan) to this end they abducted the TMNT and brought them back to Stump Asteroid, where the Turtles, Cherubae, Leatherhead, Wingnut, Screwloose, and Trap fought the Foot Clan and Maligna's warrior drones the Malignoids in an event Stump, who broadcasted the fight on Dimension X pay-per-view dubbed "The Final Conflict". During the fight Wingnut seemed less then eager to fight and flew off along with Screwloose, but it was not a cowardly act, as Wingnut was bored by the fight knowing his allies would win anyway and focussed on hunting down Krang and the Foot Clan who were looking for the Turnstone, which Krang hoped to use to restore his body. In the end the TMNT, Leatherhead, and Trap defeated the Malignoids, Wingnut stole the Turnstone from the Foot Clan, and Cherubae took possession of the stone, leading the Sons of Silence to retreat, while Cherubae teleported Rocksteady and Bebop to a primitive world, Krang to the toxic waste dump world Mobius, and Shredder to a maximum security prison on Earth. This was a decisve win for the TMNT and their friends. 
But the mystery remained, whose side were the Sons of Silence truly on? It was not until the story arc "The Black Hole Trilogy" that this mysterious race would again surface, during the story they ascended Donatello to nearly godlike intellect in an effort to use him as a tool of controlling the Turnstone, but the manipulated Donatello and the Sons of Silence were beaten by Sarnath, who took possession of the Turnstone and used it to teleport Don back to his brothers, The sons of Silence were also teleported away to an unknown location, and he sealed himself, and the Turnstone inside a black hole, permanently isolating the Turnstone,  and Sarnath from the rest of the universe. Whatever the Sons of Silence's plans for the Turnstone may have been, it seems they will never be able to complete them.

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