Which Way Past Cool Characters Do You Want To See?

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So which characters would you like to see appear in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic that haven't already?
Here is my list:

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Mario and the Mushroom Kingdom: Mario and Sonic have always been known as pretty much the biggest video game rivals of all time. But in recent years the two have made the crossover into each other's games with Super Smash Brothers Brawl and the Mario & Sonic Olympic series. It would be  nice to see fleshed out story with these two crossing over though. Eggman and Bowser teaming up maybe?
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Sonic Riders: Where has Jet and the rest of the Sonic Riders been? Since their appearance in the Sonic Riders game only Jet has made one other appearance as an NPC in anything else. I think the characters would transfer over well as reappearing characters in the series. I'd also like to see Jet meet Espio, not sure why...

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NiGHTS: Long time Sega character, NiGHTS is just waiting to be used in another media. For those who don't know NiGHTS is a dream related character. I don't see how they wouldn't be able to come up with something for this. I don't see NiGHTS as a character who would appear all the time. But it could lead into her/its own spin off comic maybe. 
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Has Mighty the Armadillo appeared in the comics before?

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@Bio Guyver said:
" Has Mighty the Armadillo appeared in the comics before? "
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Rob O' Hedge cuz he's soooooo funny!!!!!!!

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<-----------------Rob O' Hedge!


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I'd like to see Ashura the Hedgehog in it. I know he's  practically a fan character, but I think he should be put in some form of Sonic media.

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