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Sonic X #1 relentless review

This comic sucks! I mean my god how stupid and pointless can you get? There is so much wrong with this comic the only thing I can do is make a list of whats wrong with it! 
1.) Sam, get a life for god's sake! 
2.) Here's an idea Robotnik, instead of stealing money why not just simply steal all the parts you need to make your evil robot? 
3.) Really? You use a slot machine? What the hell? 
4.) Someone please just kill that stupid little kid. 
Finally, who the hell thought this comic would be a good idea? This is just a bad comic based off a bad TV show thats held together by bad art sloppy story telling and unlikable characters. I'm not kidding when I say that every panel found a new way to piss me off weather it be by forming another plot hole in the already swiss cheese excuse of a story or simply being incredibly stupid. Final score: 2.0/10 What a disgrace to the name "Sonic".


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