Paperbacks of Old Issues are being tampered

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Ok this is getting worst for Archie Sonic series. Either the lawsuit has really taken effect to the comics or Sega meddling has effected it. The reissued issues has altered or taken content out of it. I thought my issue was defective I should not have donated it as I could use this evidence of something is wrong.

When a paperback and the sonic special books are made to catch up to events easily but if content is taken away or changed, especially important facts that have effect of the series such as the character reveal than I am not reading a complete issues. Reviews are now considered void because of this. Characters appearances are being edited out so this is causes confusion. If this I can’t recommend reading the old paperbacks because they are not what they suppose to be. This is dishonesty that would damage the series from being classic. Even if the old one were terrible you can look back at them to see the changes over the time.

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