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    Sonic: Legacy collects all of Sonic and the Freedom Fighter's early adventures in this massive anthology of twenty issues! Relive the thrills of the True Blue's early adventures as inspired by the hit videogames and cartoon series of the time. Recapture the magic of each hero and villain's first appearances, or introduce them to the next generation of Sonic fans! Sonic: Legacy collects Sonic the Hedgehog #0-3 of the original mini-series and Sonic the Hedgehog #1-16 of the ongoing series.

    Table of Contents

    • Don't Cry For Me, Mobius
    • Oh, No - Robo No Mo' Mobo!
    • Run, Sally, Run!
    • Something Fishy
    • A Crowning Achievement
    • Sonic Flashback
    • Why Ask Spy?
    • Meet Me At the Corner of Hedgehog & Vine
    • You Bet My Life
    • Triple Trouble
    • Vertigo A-Go Go
    • The Bomb Bugs Me
    • Rabbot Deployment
    • Lizard of Odd
    • Tails' Little Tale
    • Olympic Trials and Error
    • Chomp On This, Chump!
    • The Spin Doctor
    • Sonic's Christmas Carol
    • Uncle Chuck's Treasure
    • Sorceress In Distress
    • Bot's All, Folks!
    • A Little Sonic Goes A Long Way
    • Pseudo-Sonic
    • What's the Point?
    • Revenge of the Nerbs
    • Twan With the Wind
    • The Good, The Bad and The Hedgehog
    • Beat the Clock
    • Food For Thought/You Are What You Eat
    • A Timely Arrival
    • The Bold-Headed Eagle
    • This Island Hedgehog
    • Space In Yo Face
    • Tails' Taste of Power
    • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!
    • Rockin' the 'Bot
    • What's the Big Idea?
    • Animal Magnetism
    • Sonic Under Glass
    • The Man From H.E.D.G.E.H.O.G.
    • Never Before Seen


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    Story Arcs

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