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    Sonic the Hedgehog Archives » Sonic the Hedgehog Archives #8 - Volume 8 released by Archie Comics on August 1, 2008.

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    The thrilling new series that lets fans relive classic Sonic stories continues! Volume 8 presents issues #29 through #32 of Sonic's ongoing comic book series in a special 5 x 7 & ½ inch edition.

    These stories mark the artistic change to a more "dramatic" tone, better aligning the series to the hit Saturday morning animated series then on the air. Each story is meticulously restored and printed on high-grade paper, so you can feel like you're zipping right alongside the cobalt champion as he saves New Mobotropolis! This action-packed edition features events like Sally's roboticization, the introduction of Dulcy the Dragon, the solo adventures of Knuckles which led to his regular comic book, and other historic occurrences.

    Stories include:

    "Steel-Belted Sally" (issue #29), "Growing Pains, Part II" (issue #29), "The Return of Uncle Chuck" (issue #30), "Who Keeps Stealing my Chaos Emeralds?!" (issue #30), "Knuckles' Chaotix Sneak Peak": (issue #30), "A Robot Rides the Rails" (issue #31), "Lost… and Found!" (issue #31), "Tundra Road, Part 1" (issue #31), "Blast from the Past" (issue #32), "Prisoners" (issue #32), and "Tundra Road, Part II" (issue #32).

    Reprints issues 29-32


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