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Penultimate to Big Showdown

This issue pretty much has almost every hedgehog known in the Sonic franchise. Shadow's appearance came out of nowhere, but I suspect it will be explain later on, but Scourge's reaction to him was priceless. I like how they introduce Silver into the series while, at the same time, reintroducing an old hedgehog from the Penders-Age of the series, the ye Olde English speaking Rob O' the Hedge, sort of balance of new and old to the fans of the both the games and comic.

It was cool to see all the Hedgehogs fighting each other. Rob vs. Metal, Shadow and Sonic vs. Scourge, Amy vs. Rosy, Silver making everyone stop  by leviating them when none of them even acknowledge him when he was asking questions, follow by everyone ganging up on Scourge. They haven't explain much of Silver's orgins so far, it's implied that he's from Moebius' future timeline, but his plot of the story is the same as Next Gen: destroy Sonic for something he may or may not have done that caused the end of the world.

Matt Herms, who drew a few issues back, done the colors here and I think he did a great job with the lighting effects for the most of the page, either be it indoor light, moonlight, or Special Effect Lightings.

The only real thing I had againist this issue is that we finally see what Super Socurge looks like, and Ian and Tracy made him a cross between Super Sonic and Dark Spine Sonic, but that's not the bad part. The bad part is that we don't see him actually see Scourge transform, nor the 'Anarachy Beryl' that allows him to do so. He just plops down on his throwne in normal form, followed by a close of up Sonic's face with the lighting of the tranformation, and we get a final page of a true bad hedgehog. When Knuckles turned into Enerjak, there was an 'mid-morph' form of him before crossing over completely. There was even a light show when Sonic and Scourge tapped into Master Emerlad. It would be have been cool to see Scourge holding the jewel with 'negative energy' surgeing around him as he tap into his super-form, but I guess this wil be left up to the fan-dom to make up.

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