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The nightmare has only just begun for Sonic's friends - especially when they learn he's become one of ancient villain Mammoth Mogul's many new followers! How can that be?! Is Sonic really involved in Mogul's dastardly schemes, and if so, how? As if that weren't enough, the stakes rise even higher when the Chaos Emerald gets involved!

What's worse than having to fight your friends when they're being mind controlled by Mammoth Mogul? When Mogul forces them into suicide! What will the Blue Blur do?

Also, Knuckles reflects his actions being Enerjak: wondering if he can ever face his family,checking up the Dingoes he exiled to the desert, and finally, meeting up with the Chaotix.


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THIS is a Archie comic? 0

DUDE! This comics is so way past cool. It had everything that a good comic story has. Laughs, action, suspense, and tension. IS this a Marvel Comic? DC? Image? No, it's Archie! Freaking Archie!When I was the kid, I used to enjoy the old Sonic The Hedgehog SatAM show, and this comic really speaks to me. The story arcs so far have been better than most of the recent Sonic games that came out. This the kind of comic that really applies to all ages and can still deliver what you expect from classic ...

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