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Not only does the tyranny of Dr. Robotnik go back as far as anyone on Mobius can remember... but there have always been heroes to fight that evil. This is the story of those heroes ? Sonic's heroes ? who gave rise to Sonic and the Freedom Fighters as we know them today! "Moment of Truth" (by Ken Penders, Steven Butler, & Jim Amash): the latest installment of the popular "Mobius 25 Years Later" series-within-a-series. Cobar and Rotor, the greatest scientific minds of the future, present King Sonic and The Guardian Knuckles their solution to save Mobius: they must return to the past! There's a catch, however: in order for Mobius to be saved, there's no guarantee that the lives they have led will unfold the same as before!

The original freedom fighers part 1: how the freedom fighters came to be as deal with the beginning of the Robotnik’s takeover.

I WANNA BE A FREEDOM FIGHTER! : Amy became a official freedom fighter

Moment of truth: the reality is breaking as they seek time travel to find the answer. they need of the king's permission

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