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Sonic Live #1 Relentless review

So begins one of the single stupidest things to ever bear the blue blur's name. Lets start with the cover, um... wow, that's just stupid, theres nothing I can say. Well enough about that, lets get into the story. Any Sonic fan should be familiar with the Archie comic issues where Sonic interacts with alternate universes, well in this comic our speedy hero enters OUR universe, and trust me you'll soon be wishing he entered Purgatory instead. Through half thought up ideas and amateurish story telling Sonic finds himself in a (and i'm quoting here) "in-between zone" that for no explained or apparent reason seems to lead to a living room TV hooked up to Sega Genesis. So after grabbing the attention of the two children in the room the comic then partakes in ripping-off "Poltergeist" by having Sonic (again for no good reason) pulling the kids into the TV and thus into the "in-between zone" mentioned earlier. What follows is nothing more then a pointless confrontation with Dr. Robotnik and a long, tedious, and just pathetic attempt at what I believe is supposed be plot development. This comic SUCKS!! There is NO redeeming qualities, mediocre art, bad writing, and of course pointless and boring characters! Final score: 1.2/10 just awful.

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