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Sonia and her boyfriend cooked up meth to feed their addiction. He started selling on the side and got caught. To lighten his sentence he testified that Sonia was a big dealer and she was convicted to serve 15 years in prison. She was locked up in Marrisville, Ohio. When the men died she was released with the rest of the inmates and she helps build a community with the released convicts.


Written by Brian K. Vaughan and drawn by Pia Guerra.

Major Story Arcs

While out fetching water, Sonia finds an unconscious Yorick Brown. Elated to have found a man, she takes him to her house and lets him rest. She strips him down and washes his clothes. When he wakes up (and inadvertently flashes her), the two find that they have a lot in common, including some incredibly obscure things. A hint of attraction begins.

Sonia is unable to keep Yorick's presence a secret and she soon introduces him to the whole town. She is warned by Tess to keep the town's secret under wraps just before she and Yorick head out to collect firewood. Things heat up, however, and the two kiss. Sonia feels guilty and claims that Yorick is too good for her. She then explains the history of the Marrisville women. Yorick turns on her.

Shortly thereafter, the Daughters of the Amazon roll into town. Sonia pleads with Yorick not go out and meet with the leader, Victoria. He kisses her and then exits the house. Sonia lags behind and sees that Victoria is going to kill Yorick. Sonia throws an ax and it strikes Victoria in the head, killing her. An Amazon (Yorick's sister Hero Brown) retaliates and kills Sonia with an arrow to the chest.


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